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The Long Term

Friday, September 21 - Tuesday, November 20

Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 12-6pm


Please join us for The Long Term. Between 2016-2018, artists, writers and members of the Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project created a series of thematic works around long-term sentencing policies and the other long terms they produce: long-term struggles for freedom, long-term loss in communities, and long-term relationships behind the prison wall. These projects emerged out of collaborative work at Stateville prison, where people are serving extraordinarily long prison terms (60, 70, and 80 years), often for crimes for which they would have already been released, had they been sentenced 30 years earlier, or in a different country. Exhibition curated by Damon Locks and Sarah Ross.

Presented by Arts + Public Life in partnership with the Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project.


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