The Cultural Lives of Californians

May, 2015

This report presents findings from the California Survey of Arts & Cultural Participation, a new study commissioned by The James Irvine Foundation and conducted by researchers at NORC at the University of Chicago. The Cultural Lives of Californians: Insights from the California Survey of Arts & Cultural Participation reframes the conversation about arts participation and provides extraordinary insights on the critical role that arts nonprofits can play in communities.

This data challenges the notion that arts participation is in decline, instead suggesting that Californians are engaging in art in new ways and places — a reflection of emerging technologies, expectations, and cultural norms. Report findings point to questions and opportunities for nonprofit arts organizations, funders, and sector leaders to boost their relevance to the state’s increasingly diverse and changing population and to bring the benefit of the arts to all Californians.

Explore key findings in these infographics, and download the report and the companion technical report

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