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The following archive contains various books, reports, working papers, and syllabi published by the Cultural Policy Center.

March, 2013

An Investigation into the Feasibility of Establishing an Arts and Culture Research Network

Introduction Research on arts and culture policy is not a flourishing field. While there is a Society for Social Theory, Politics and the Arts that holds annual meetings, their research tends to be narrowly focused and lacks the broad framework...

March, 2013

Cultural Participation: A Survey about Arts & Cultural Activities on Chicago’s South Side

PREFACE Each year our graduate research class at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy undertakes a project to address a major issue in cultural policy. In 2013, our project was locally-based, but focused on an issue...

October, 2012

Campus Art Museums in the 21st Century: A Conversation

In the summer of 2012, the authors of this study brought together a group of campus art museum directors and outside experts to 'think out loud' about the changes already occurring at campus museums and where new opportunities and roles may...

March, 2012

The 2012 Chicago Cultural Plan: Local & International Best Practices for Neighborhoods and the City

Introduction Culture matters to 21st century cities. The “creative economy” of the combined commercial, nonprofit, and informal arts is now recognized as an important economic driver that can spur the development of cities and...

October, 2011

Awakening the Creative Voice: Building Creative Capital in Cities and Communities

A sea change in arts policy is underway, as evidenced by the NEA’s new focus on “creative place-making” and the shift in cultural planning to a more broad based effort to situate the arts with the “creative industries....

September, 2011

Teaching Artists Research Project

There have been remarkable advances in arts education, both in and out of schools, over the last fifteen years, despite a difficult policy environment. Teaching artists, the hybrid professionals that link the arts to education and community life,...

September, 2011

Arts and Culture Policy: The American Case

I.  Introduction: The landscape of arts and culture in the U.S II. Objectives of cultural policy III. The Not-For-Profit model: Leadership and Governance.  Building a base for the arts and culture over the long term  IV. The not-...

March, 2011

Hot Button Topics in Cultural Policy

Table of Contents Katie Grogan and Leah Reisman, “Encore! Encore! Increasing Demand for the Nonprofit Arts in a Changing World” Ellery Roberts Biddle and James C. Murdoch, “Open for Participation: U.S. Arts Communities in...

February, 2011

Arts Education in America: What the declines mean for arts participation

In June 2009, the Cultural Policy Center and NORC were awarded two of five competitive research grants from the National Endowment for the Arts to examine and interpret data from the 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts and previous SPPA...

May, 2010

Demographic Transformation and the Future of Museums

In 2009 the Center for the Future of Museums commissioned Betty Farrell to produce a report to explore in more detail the demographic trends in American society and their implications for museums. The report identifies, synthesizes, and interprets...