Starting Over: Reconfiguring American Cultural Diplomacy for the 21st Century

Bill Ivey

April 9, 2013 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Logan Center for the Arts
915 East 60th Street
Theater East

Bill Ivey, Director of the Vanderbilt University US-China Center for Education and Culture and a former NEA chairman

American art and artists played an important Cold War role, projecting American values and ideas into the US/Soviet contest. Since 1990, and especially since 2001, strategies, tactics, and the context shaping the projection of American influence in the world have changed dramatically. What is the new reality? Who are the key actors? What reasonable objectives are available to a contemporary cultural diplomacy regime? How can value be assessed?

Bill Ivey is director of the Vanderbilt University US-China Center for Education and Culture. Ivey was director of the Country Music Hall of Fame for 25 years and served as chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts in the Clinton-Gore administration. He was founding director of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy at Vanderbilt, and returned to Washington in 2008 to serve as Team Leader in the Obama presidential transition. Ivey was twice elected chairman of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, is past president of the American Folklore Society and today serves that organization as China Liaison. Bill Ivey is the author of two books on public policy and culture, Arts, Inc.: How Greed and Neglect Have Destroyed Our Cultural Rights, and Handmaking America: A Back-to-Basics Pathway to a Revitalized American Democracy.


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