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Awakening the Creative Voice: Building Creative Capital in Cities and Communities

As arts funders and advocates struggle to make connections between arts programs, businesses and the civic agenda, we still suffer for lack of a clearer vision of what a creative community looks like. In his remarks, Alan Brown will offer a potential model for building “creative capital” in cities and communities across the U.S.

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Entering Cultural Communities: Diversity and Change in the Nonprofit Arts

Long ago, arts organizations sought patrons primarily from among the rich and well educated, but for many decades they have sought to broaden their audiences. Museums, orchestras, dance companies, theaters, and community cultural centers try to involve a variety of people in the arts. They strive to attract a more racially and ethnically diverse group of people, those from a broader range of economic backgrounds, new immigrants, families and youth.

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Producing Local Color: A Study of Networks and Resource Mobilization in Three Local Chicago Communities

This study of networks and resource mobilization in three localities shows how professionals and local residents involved in art production accessed resources through social circuits to create markers of the racial, ethnic and class dimensions of their communities.

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Broken Glass: A Community Impact Study of the Chihuly Exhibit in Garfield Park, Chicago

For academic researchers and policy makers interested in the economic, social, and political impact of the arts, the Garden of Glass experience offered an opportunity to study the ways that cultural events like this one impact the attitudes of city residents, the lives of community citizens, and the strategies for economic redevelopment already in place. Garden of Glass was unquestionably an artistic success, but did it influence the neighborhood that hosted it?

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How the Civic Knowledge Project at the University of Chicago Forms Reciprocal Relationships with the Community through the Arts and Humanities

Erika Dudley, Senior Program Manager of the Odyssey Project; and Joanie Friedman, Senior Program Manager of the Southside Arts & Humanities Network

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