Campus Art Museums in the 21st Century: A Conversation

October, 2012

In the summer of 2012, the authors of this study brought together a group of campus art museum directors and outside experts to 'think out loud' about the changes already occurring at campus museums and where new opportunities and roles may be emerging. We hope the resulting paper, downloadable below, will further the field's larger, continuing exploration of its roles and potentials through dialogue, research, and experimentation—an exploration that contributes to the continued healthy evolution of campus art museum practice. The authors welcome your feedback collectively at

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Participants in the Conversation

Andrea Barnwell Brownlee
Director, Spelman College Museum of Fine Art

Lori E. Gross
Associate Provost for Arts and Culture, Harvard University

Saralyn Reece Hardy
Director, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas

Donna Heiland
Vice President & Special Assistant to the President, Emerson College
Former Vice President, Teagle Foundation

Anthony Hirschel
Director, Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago

John Maccabee
Founder, CityMystery LLC

Rebecca Nagy
Director, Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida

Jessica Nicoll
Director and Curator, Smith College Museum of Art

Nancy Proctor
Head of Mobile Strategy and Initiatives, Smithsonian Institution;
Manager of;
Digital Editor of Curator: The Museum Journal

Kimerly Rorschach
Director, Seattle Museum of Art
Former Director, Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University

Thomas K. Seligman
Former Director, Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University

Andrew Taylor
Assistant Professor, Arts Management Program, American University

Sylvia Wolf
Director, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington

The Authors

Tom Shapiro founded Cultural Strategy Partners to provide museums and other cultural organizations with growth strategies and strategic plans, business model and revenue opportunity assessment, and performance metrics. He can be reached at

Peter Linett is chairman of Slover Linett Strategies, a social research firm for cultural and educational organizations. He is an associate editor for theory and practice at Curator: The Museum Journal and an associate of the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago. He can be reached at

Betty Farrell is the Executive Director of the Cultural Policy Center, a research center focusing on the arts and cultural sector, at the University of Chicago. She can be reached at

Will Anderson is the Assistant Director of the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago. He can be reached at

Email the authors collectively at



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Download the Report

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