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Chicago Music City

Chicago Music City compares the strength and vitality of music industries and scenes across the United States. Sociologists, urban planners, and real-estate developers point to quality of life and availability of cultural amenities as important indicators of the health and future success of urban areas.

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The Production of Popular Music as a Confidence Game: The Case of the Chicago Blues

In this article I argue that the production of live music shares many formal properties with that of confidence games.

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Incumbents, Innovation, and Competence: the Emergence of Recorded Jazz, 1920-1929

We examine recorded jazz as a musical innovation of the early twentieth century.

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Breaking the Box: Do We Need Arts Institutions in the 21st Century? The Case of Classical Music

George Lepauw, pianist and founder of the International Beethoven Project

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Measuring the Cultural Vitality of Scenes: the Music Scene in Chicago

Lawrence Rothfield,  Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago

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