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McCalla Professorships

Dr. Mark Lewis Dr. Alison Taylor

Named after the first Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, Dr Arthur McCalla, McCalla Professorships are awarded to those who have made significant contributions to their field of research, teaching, and learning. McCalla professors value excellence in teaching, acknowledge the importance of students, conduct themselves in an ethical manner, are collaborative and open to change, take pride in history and traditions, and are committed to integrating their research and teaching.

Past McCalla professors have included:

Marco Adria, Faculty of Extension
Mark Lewis, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
Al Meldrum, Physics
Alison Taylor, Educational Policy Studies

Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Political Science
Tayfun Babadagli, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Allen Carlson, Philosophy
John Dunn, Physical Education and Recreation
Larry Fliegel, Biochemistry
Larry Heaman, Earth and Atmospheric Science
Margaret Mackey, School of Library and Information Studies
Lynn McMullen, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences
Katherine Moore, Nursing
Hassan Safouhi, Faculté Saint-Jean
Jane Samson, History and Classics
Bruce Sutherland, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
Robert Rankin, Physics
Hasan Uludag, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Rod Wood, Law

Catherine Bell, Law
Ryan Dunch, History and Classics
Robert Grant, Renewable Resources
Russell Greiner, Computing Science
Biao Huang, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Linda Ogilvie, Nursing
Andrzej Prus-Czarnecki, Physics
Michael Schultz, Biochemistry
Samuel Shen, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
David Geoffrey Smith, Secondary Education
Robert Smith, History and Classics
Frances Swyripa, History and Classics
Frank Tough, School of Native Studies
Ehud Ben Zvi, History and Classics

Peter Boxall, Rural Economy
Judy Cameron, Educational Psychology
Rob Chambers, Law
Jean DeBernardi, Anthropology
David Deephouse, Strategic Management and Organization
Abdulhakem Elezzabi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gregory Forth, Anthropology
Judith Garber, Political Science
Jonathan Hart, English
Karim Jamal, Accounting and Management Information Systems
Louise Jensen, Nursing
Yanping Lin, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
William Tonn, Biological Sciences

Gordon Bell, Physical Education and Recreation
Marc De Montigny, Faculté Saint-Jean
Janet Fast, Human Ecology
Pawel Gburzynski, Computing Science
Susan Hamilton, English
Jan Jagodzinski, Secondary Education
Andy Knight, Political Science
Jingli Luo, Chemical & Materials Engineering
Horacio Marquez, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Claudine Potvin, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Jeffrey Stryker, Chemistry
Janusz Zwiazek, Renewable Resources

Robert Creaser, Earth and Atmospheric Science
Liang Li, Chemistry
Frank Marsiglio, Physics
Beverley O'Brien, Nursing
Linda Phillips, Elementary Education
Linda Reif, Law
Ming J. Zuo, Mechanical Engineering

Marion Allen, Nursing
Douglas Barbour, English
Terry Davis, Nursing
Dennis Gignac, Faculté Saint-Jean
Robert J. Hudson, Renewable Resources
Oleh Ilnytzkyj, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Robin Lindsey, Economics
A. (Sandy) MacEwan, Oncology
Monica Palcic, Chemistry
Wendy Rodgers, Physical Education and Recreation
Jens Roland, Biological Sciences
Rick Szostak, Economics
Wilsun Xu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zhenghe Xu, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Murray R. Gray, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Mark Green, Computing Science
Rich Palmer, Biological Sciences
Tom Priestly, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Yoni Reshef, Strategic Management and Organization
Alfred Weiss, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences

Annalise Acorn, Law
Miodrag (Mike) Belosevic, Biological Sciences
Martin Cowie, Chemistry
Helen Madill, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
Frank E. Nargang, Biological Sciences
Francis Cho Yeh, Renewable Resources

Richard Bauman, Law
Anne Neufeld, Nursing
Arturo Pianzola, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
John R. Spence, Biological Sciences

Walter Allegretto, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
Vangie Bergum, Nursing
David R. Bundle, Chemistry
Roger Cheng, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Francis Jeffry Pelletier, Computing Science
Gregory Taylor, Biological Sciences

M. Ruth Elliott, Nursing
Susan J. Hannon, Biological Sciences
Robert B. Jordan, Chemistry
Jonathan Schaeffer, Computing Science
Feral Temelli, Renewable Resources

Norm J. Dovichi, Chemistry
Gordon E. Swaters, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences

Robert James Elliott, Statistics
S. George Pemberton, Geology
Wojciech Rozmus, Physics
Brian Sykes, Biochemistry

Ronald G. Cavell, Chemistry
Douglas Ivey, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Francis Landy, History and Classics
M. Tamer Özsu, Computing Science
John C. Samson, Physics

Paul Hagler, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
Brian Jones, Geology
Janice Lander, Nursing
Krishnaswamy Nandakumar, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Jack A. Tuszynski, Physics

Anthony (Tony) Lau, Mathematics and Statistical Sciences
Karlis Muehlenbachs, Geology
G. Smith, Physical Education and Recreation
John C. Vederas, Chemistry

Zeev Ditzian, Mathematics
John H. England, Geography
Abdul Naim Kamal, Physics
Janet Ross Kerr, Nursing

R. Stanley Brown, Chemistry
Jurgen P. Franck, Physics
Ernest R. Kanasewich, Physics
William (Bill) M. Samuel, Zoology
Roger A. Shiner, Philosophy

J. William Lown, Chemistry
Christopher M. Scarfe, Geology
Dale H. Vitt, Botany

Peter L. Antonelli, Mathematics
Gary Horlick, Chemistry
Stephen (Steve) E. Hrudey, Environmental Health Sciences
Sudarshan K. Malhotra, Zoology

D. Ian Gough, Physics
Edward E. Knaus, Pharmacy
Sudarshan Kumar Sehgal, Mathematics
Edward P. Lozowski, Geography

Sigeru Huzinaga, Chemistry
Tony Marsland, Computing Science
Donald W.S. Westlake, Microbiology

Avadh B. Bhatia, Physics
Peggy Anne Field, Nursing
M. Ann Hall, Physical Education and Recreation
Paul Kebarle, Chemistry
Robert C. von Borstel, Genetics

William Ayer, Chemistry
Gordon Rostoker, Physics
Lawrence Wang, Zoology

Geoffrey J. Butler, Mathematics
Edwin A. Cossins, Botany
William A.G. Graham, Chemistry
Juliet McMaster, English

Brian D.E. Chatterton, Geology
T. Bryant Moodie, Mathematics
Andrew N. Spencer, Zoology

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