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Index to volumes of WANATCA Yearbook

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Y106 Jojoba Nut. Paul H Thompson. Vol 1, p. 06 (1975) KWs: Simmondsia californica
Y120 Notes on nutgrowing in Tasmania. Bill Mollison. Vol 1, p. 20 (1975) KWs:
Y121 Chilghoza Pine, an important nut pine of the Himalayas. BN Gupta & KK Sharma. Vol 1, p. 21 (1975) KWs: Pinus gerardiana, Pinus roxburghii, Pinus wallichiana
Y133 Problems of bush planting. David Noel. Vol 1, p. 33 (1975) KWs: white ants, drying out, rabbits
Y136 Almond production in California. Roger Baccigaluppi. Vol 1, p. 36 (1975) KWs:
Y139 Bunya pine in Queensland: grafting, pollination, seeding and related species. Queco (anonymous). Vol 1, p. 39 (1975) KWs: Araucaria bidwillii
Y147 Prospects for pistachio nutgrowing in Australia. DH Maggs. Vol 1, p. 47 (1975) KWs:
Y164 Photographs of cashew nut trees in the North West. Fred Lullifitz. Vol 1, p. 64 (1975) KWs: Western Australia
Y165 Cashew production in the Kimberleys. Derek White. Vol 1, p. 65 (1975) KWs: Western Australia
Y168 History of nut trees. George L Slate. Vol 1, p. 68 (1975) KWs:
Y171 Nutgrowing zones of Western Australia. David Noel. Vol 1, p. 71 (1975) KWs:
Y206 Double coconut of the Seychelles. Guy Lionnet. Vol 2, p. 06 (1976) KWs: Lodoicea maldivica
Y221 Flail cultivation in Oregon nut orchards. Wayne Roberts. Vol 2, p. 21 (1976) KWs: USA
Y224 A proposed commercial pistachio orchard on the light lands north-west of Moora - part 1. AC Belford. Vol 2, p. 24 (1976) KWs: Pistachio atlantica
Y226 A nut tree from New Guinea. DB Foreman. Vol 2, p. 26 (1976) KWs: Finschia
Y232 Nut nursery notes. David Noel. Vol 2, p. 32 (1976) KWs:
Y235 Bird damage to nut crops, a 'paper' symposium. . Vol 2, p. 35 (1976) KWs:
Y243 Some nut trees of the northern territory. Dennis A Hearne. Vol 2, p. 43 (1976) KWs: Semecarpus australiensis, Horsfieldia australasica
Y244 Langanda nut of North-West Australia. Ian M Crawford. Vol 2, p. 44 (1976) KWs: Terminalia langanda
Y246 Hicksbeachia, a neglected native Australian nut. Noel Thies. Vol 2, p. 46 (1976) KWs: Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia
Y252 Some notes on nutgrowing in the South-West. Neville Shorter. Vol 2, p. 52 (1976) KWs:
Y253 Marula, an African nut tree. P van Wyk. Vol 2, p. 53 (1976) KWs:
Y261 Planning the filbert orchard for future savings. HB Lagerstedt. Vol 2, p. 61 (1976) KWs:
Y268 Nut trees as a replacement for apples in a South-West orchard. Mary Busher. Vol 2, p. 68 (1976) KWs:
Y271 A large commercial pecan planting in New South Wales. EF Gillin. Vol 2, p. 71 (1976) KWs:
Y305 Walnut growing in Victoria. Anthony D Allen. Vol 3, p. 05 (1977) KWs:
Y313 Notes on germinating quandongs. MS Buttrose. Vol 3, p. 13 (1977) KWs:
Y314 Nut growing in Rhodesia today. Gordon Nicol. Vol 3, p. 14 (1977) KWs:
Y316 pH of nuts and effects on digestion. AT Sas. Vol 3, p. 16 (1977) KWs: Australia
Y317 Guide for commercial propagation of some nut species in Western Australia. B Dell. Vol 3, p. 17 (1977) KWs:
Y322 Macadamia cultivar yields in Queensland. RM O'Mara. Vol 3, p. 22 (1977) KWs:
Y323 Roots II or Murray Raynes' Nuts. Murray Raynes. Vol 3, p. 23 (1977) KWs: Australia
Y326 Jojoba in Australia. John E Begg. Vol 3, p. 26 (1977) KWs:
Y329 Use of ethephon to induce macadamia nut drop. RM O'Mara. Vol 3, p. 29 (1977) KWs: Australia
Y330 Prospects for nut production in Tasmania. Anthony Joyce. Vol 3, p. 30 (1977) KWs:
Y331 Quandong or wolgol?. John Saggers. Vol 3, p. 31 (1977) KWs:
Y333 Notes from Britain. JT Swain. Vol 3, p. 33 (1977) KWs:
Y334 Ball nut. Noel Thies. Vol 3, p. 34 (1977) KWs: Macadamia praealta
Y338 Notes on pecan culture. LC McMaster. Vol 3, p. 38 (1977) KWs:
Y344 Notes on nut growing in Eastern Australia. Tim Lynn Robinson. Vol 3, p. 44 (1977) KWs:
Y355 Pecan nuts - market report. LC McMaster. Vol 3, p. 55 (1977) KWs:
Y363 Development of macadamia nut cultivars in Hawaii. RA Hamilton & Philip J Ito. Vol 3, p. 63 (1977) KWs:
Y370 Pecan tree nursery operations and propagation. Oscar S Gray. Vol 3, p. 70 (1977) KWs:
Y373 Nuts in two years. John W McKay. Vol 3, p. 73 (1977) KWs: walnut, pecan
Y404 Ornamental nut trees - sleeping beauties. Homer L Jacobs. Vol 4, p. 04 (1978) KWs: USA
Y410 Methods of predicting the nutrient needs of nut trees. Darrell Sparks. Vol 4, p. 10 (1978) KWs: USA
Y417 Pecans for South Australia. LC McMaster. Vol 4, p. 17 (1978) KWs:
Y428 Growing walnuts. Tom Speer. Vol 4, p. 28 (1978) KWs: WA
Y432 Trial with nut crops in Carnarvon. JR Burt & DW Thomas. Vol 4, p. 32 (1978) KWs: cashew, coconut, macadamia, peanut, pecan, pistachio, quandong
Y435 Sites, layout and irrigation for nut orchards. G Parlevliet. Vol 4, p. 35 (1978) KWs: WA
Y440 Budding Persian, black walnuts, heartnuts and butternuts on black rootstocks. Bill & Louis Davie. Vol 4, p. 40 (1978) KWs: USA
Y443 Harvesting filberts by helicopter. EK Johnson. Vol 4, p. 43 (1978) KWs: USA
Y445 Comments on starting an almond orchard. K Rouw. Vol 4, p. 45 (1978) KWs: WA
Y446 Preparation of home-grown macadamia nuts. . Vol 4, p. 46 (1978) KWs: USA
Y447 Dwarf coconut and Indian oil nut in Broome. F Lullifitz. Vol 4, p. 47 (1978) KWs: WA
Y448 Watheroo group try jojoba growing. Mary Busher. Vol 4, p. 48 (1978) KWs: WA
Y452 Descriptions of macadamia varieties. RM O'Mara. Vol 4, p. 52 (1978) KWs: Queensland
Y455 Proposed commercial pistachio orchard north west of Moora - part 2. AC Belford. Vol 4, p. 55 (1978) KWs: WA
Y457 Great northern hickories. RD Campbell. Vol 4, p. 57 (1978) KWs: Canada
Y504 Glossary of nut names. David Noel. Vol 5, p. 04 (1979) KWs:
Y530 Nutritional value of nuts. Susan Smith. Vol 5, p. 30 (1979) KWs:
Y544 Horticulture's ancient roots. Jules Janick. Vol 5, p. 44 (1979) KWs: USA
Y563 How to distinguish the two commercial species of macadamia. . Vol 5, p. 63 (1979) KWs:
Y565 Jojoba - a liquid wax producing shrub. ML Poole. Vol 5, p. 65 (1979) KWs: WA
Y572 Jojoba crops no goldmine - consultant. Mary Busher. Vol 5, p. 72 (1979) KWs: WA
Y575 Cultivation of pecan nuts. NH Shorter & SR Newton. Vol 5, p. 75 (1979) KWs: WA
Y584 Notes on pecan varieties. . Vol 5, p. 84 (1979) KWs:
Y606 Commercial potential of nut crops in Western Australia. Neville Shorter. Vol 6, p. 06 (1980) KWs: walnut, pistachio, almond, pecan, macadamia, chestnut, peanut, avocado
Y609 Lesser-known Australian nut plants. David Noel. Vol 6, p. 09 (1980) KWs:
Y626 Nut species of Northern Queensland. Tony Irvine. Vol 6, p. 26 (1980) KWs:
Y631 Subiaco caryetum project. David Noel. Vol 6, p. 31 (1980) KWs:
Y634 Tree cropping in Australia. Ian Mannering. Vol 6, p. 34 (1980) KWs:
Y638 Fertiliser trials on walnuts and chestnuts: a progress report. Paul Baxter. Vol 6, p. 38 (1980) KWs: Victoria
Y642 Screw pines (pandanus) in Western Australia. GJ Keighery & IR Dixon. Vol 6, p. 42 (1980) KWs:
Y648 Interesting interstate insights. Paul Sinclair. Vol 6, p. 48 (1980) KWs:
Y652 Cashew propagation and plant selection. RP O'Farrell. Vol 6, p. 52 (1980) KWs: Queensland
Y659 Assessing the yield of nut and fodder trees. Ian Mannering. Vol 6, p. 59 (1980) KWs:
Y661 Moree pecan venture. K Prosser. Vol 6, p. 61 (1980) KWs:
Y705 Reluctant migrant. . Vol 7, p. 05 (1982) KWs:
Y709 Avocado response to salt stress. WJS Downton et al. Vol 7, p. 09 (1982) KWs:
Y713 Litchi. BW Cull & BF Paxton. Vol 7, p. 13 (1982) KWs: Litchi chinensis
Y722 Lateral thinking about tree crops. IM Laszlo. Vol 7, p. 22 (1982) KWs:
Y730 Tropical fruits of the Philippines. . Vol 7, p. 30 (1982) KWs:
Y735 Phytophthora cinnamomi in relation to macadamia. George A Zentmyer. Vol 7, p. 35 (1982) KWs:
Y738 Trees and shrubs for fodder. Milan Mirkovic. Vol 7, p. 38 (1982) KWs:
Y740 Passionfruit. PR Beal & PJ Farlow. Vol 7, p. 40 (1982) KWs: Passiflora sp.
Y750 Small avocado industry in Greece. Nickos P Psarros. Vol 7, p. 50 (1982) KWs:
Y753 Mango. AW Whiley. Vol 7, p. 53 (1982) KWs: Mangifera indica L.
Y761 Drawings of Japanese nut plants. T Makino. Vol 7, p. 61 (1982) KWs:
Y768 Food value, fruit maturity and ripening of avocado fruit. Lois Evans. Vol 7, p. 68 (1982) KWs:
Y772 Training macadamia trees. Lois E James. Vol 7, p. 72 (1982) KWs:
Y774 Little known Australian relatives of the pili nut . Lois Evans. Vol 7, p. 74 (1982) KWs:
Y805 Avocado sunblotch viroid": importance of pollen and mechanical transmission in control programs. PR Desjardins & RJ Drake. Vol 8, p. 05 (1983) KWs:
Y813 Pistachio - a growers experience. David McCarthy. Vol 8, p. 13 (1983) KWs: Victoria
Y816 Mycorrhiza of trees: a useful relationship. JF Titze. Vol 8, p. 16 (1983) KWs: WA
Y821 Comments on the tour to Brunei, Sabah, Philippines and Singapore November 21-30, 1982. MG Hawson. Vol 8, p. 21 (1983) KWs: WA
Y828 Blueberries - beaut' berries (Mountain blue - rare fruits). Ridley Bell. Vol 8, p. 28 (1983) KWs: NSW
Y832 Pines as a source of edible nuts. Joseph J Havel. Vol 8, p. 32 (1983) KWs: WA
Y836 Rare and common fruits: conservation of genetic resources in Malaysia. Bobby Tee. Vol 8, p. 36 (1983) KWs:
Y846 Understanding the background behind macadamia crop management with respect to water and nutrition. BW Cull. Vol 8, p. 46 (1983) KWs: Queensland
Y853 Persimmon: a new look at an ancient crop. AP George & RJ Nissen. Vol 8, p. 53 (1983) KWs: Diospyros kaki L., Queensland
Y857 Understanding the growth of the avocado tree. AW Whiley. Vol 8, p. 57 (1983) KWs: Queensland
Y859 Soil management trials on avocado trees. Tim Trochoulias. Vol 8, p. 59 (1983) KWs: NSW
Y864 Current marketing strategy in avocado promotion. NL Goward. Vol 8, p. 64 (1983) KWs: Queensland
Y871 Armillaria root rot. RF Doepal. Vol 8, p. 71 (1983) KWs: Armillaria luteo-bubalina, WA
Y905 Bees - orchard V.I.P.'s: recommendations for almond pollination in Australia. Robbin W Thorp. Vol 9, p. 05 (1984) KWs: USA
Y916 Wild fruits of Australia. John M Riley. Vol 9, p. 16 (1984) KWs: USA
Y924 Subtropical fruit: varieties and culture for commercial production. PR Sale. Vol 9, p. 24 (1984) KWs: New Zealand
Y928 New Zealand kiwifruit: commercial production in the bay of plenty. PR Sale. Vol 9, p. 28 (1984) KWs:
Y934 Kiwifruit: training and pruning on T-bar and pergola systems. PR Sale. Vol 9, p. 34 (1984) KWs: New Zealand
Y941 Kiwifruit: agronomic aspects of kiwifruit research in Queensland. AW Whiley & JA Baker. Vol 9, p. 41 (1984) KWs:
Y944 Native fruits and nuts of Chile. Jorge B Valenzuela et al. Vol 9, p. 44 (1984) KWs:
Y948 An annotated list of edible nuts of the Philippines. Roberto E Coronel. Vol 9, p. 48 (1984) KWs:
Y955 WANATCA tissue culture report - May 1984. Chris Newell. Vol 9, p. 55 (1984) KWs: WA
Y957 Growing blueberries. Ridley Bell. Vol 9, p. 57 (1984) KWs: Victoria
Y961 Macadamia. RA Stephenson. Vol 9, p. 61 (1984) KWs: Queensland
Y967 Macadamia fertiliser management. BW Cull. Vol 9, p. 67 (1984) KWs: Queensland
Y977 Exotic fruits. NT & Cull, BW Vock. Vol 9, p. 77 (1984) KWs: Queensland
Y983 Progress report: macadamia training trial, dunoon. T Trochoulias. Vol 9, p. 83 (1984) KWs:
Y985 Pecan growing by prescription, big changes in pecan production for the future. OS Gray. Vol 9, p. 85 (1984) KWs: USA
Y1005 Hazelnut grafting. Graeme E Thomson. Vol 10, p. 05 (1985) KWs: Victoria
Y1011 Growing pecans. William Reid. Vol 10, p. 11 (1985) KWs: USA
Y1019 Some nut-bearing plants in Papua New Guinea. EE Henty. Vol 10, p. 19 (1985) KWs: PNG
Y1028 Cashews in Australia - tropical tree crop of the future. BL Toohill. Vol 10, p. 28 (1985) KWs: WA
Y1040 Research into pecans. DW Turner. Vol 10, p. 40 (1985) KWs:
Y1042 Tropical fruits for the Philippine highlands. Roberto E Coronel. Vol 10, p. 42 (1985) KWs: Philippines
Y1046 Mango - an industry for Western Australia. BL Toohill. Vol 10, p. 46 (1985) KWs: WA
Y1055 Physiology and productivity of tropical and subtropical tree fruit. DW Turner. Vol 10, p. 55 (1985) KWs:
Y1056 Impact of physiological research on the productivity of tropical and subtropical fruit trees. JV Possingham. Vol 10, p. 56 (1985) KWs: SA
Y1057 Tree growth and productivity - the role of the root. Dennis Richards. Vol 10, p. 57 (1985) KWs: Victoria
Y1058 Reproductive physiology. M Sedgley. Vol 10, p. 58 (1985) KWs: SA
Y1059 Plant carbon balance. DW Turner. Vol 10, p. 59 (1985) KWs: WA
Y1061 Integrating physiological information about fruit trees to evaluate productivity. JJ Landsberg. Vol 10, p. 61 (1985) KWs: ACT
Y1062 Tree mineral nutrition. JB Robinson. Vol 10, p. 62 (1985) KWs: SA
Y1063 Research and progress in cultural systems and management in temperate fruit orchards. DJ Chalmers. Vol 10, p. 63 (1985) KWs: Victoria
Y1064 Chemical regulation of plant and plant processes. JA Considine. Vol 10, p. 64 (1985) KWs: New Zealand
Y1065 Stress physiology in trees. DW West. Vol 10, p. 65 (1985) KWs: Victoria
Y1065 Tree water relations. PE Kriedemann. Vol 10, p. 65 (1985) KWs: SA
Y1067 Symposium concluding remarks. JV Possingham. Vol 10, p. 67 (1985) KWs: SA
Y1070 Australian proteaceae as food plants. Byron Lamont. Vol 10, p. 70 (1985) KWs: WA
Y1081 Using nature and logic in tree crop introduction and breeding. David Noel. Vol 10, p. 81 (1985) KWs: WA
Y1091 Blame it on Henry Ford: the story behind home-acre farming. David Noel. Vol 10, p. 91 (1985) KWs: WA
Y1097 Collecting information about fruit and nut crops for Western Australia. DW Turner. Vol 10, p. 97 (1985) KWs: WA
Y1105 Potential nut crops of the Western Australian Santalaceae. GJ Keighery & IR Dixon. Vol 11, p. 05 (1986) KWs: WA
Y1123 Tissue culture propagation of nut tree species. James F Hutchinson. Vol 11, p. 23 (1986) KWs: Victoria
Y1135 Nut tree distribution and the expansion of the earth. David Noel. Vol 11, p. 35 (1986) KWs: WA
Y1155 A review of mango crop management. AW Whiley. Vol 11, p. 55 (1986) KWs: Queensland
Y1166 Fruit and nuts of Northeastern Mexico. Janis B Alcorn. Vol 11, p. 66 (1986) KWs: USA
Y1172 Rambai and tampoi in Malaysia. HF Chin. Vol 11, p. 72 (1986) KWs:
Y1175 Leucaena species. IM Laszlo. Vol 11, p. 75 (1986) KWs: ACT
Y1179 Aleurites: the wood-oil trees. DA Griffiths. Vol 11, p. 79 (1986) KWs: Hong Kong
Y1192 Case for multipurpose development of the versatile palms. Dennis V Johnson. Vol 11, p. 92 (1986) KWs: USA
Y1199 Wind shelter is essential for horticultural production. Andrew Blake. Vol 11, p. 99 (1986) KWs: WA
Y1205 Orchard establishment and economics of the pistachio. CR Beckingham & RJ Benson. Vol 12, p. 05 (1987) KWs: NSW
Y1216 Sapindaceous fruits and nuts. Chai Keng Yeap. Vol 12, p. 16 (1987) KWs: WA
Y1234 Western Australian terminalia species. GJ Keighery & IR Dixon. Vol 12, p. 34 (1987) KWs: WA
Y1244 Nut trees in the suburban block. David Noel. Vol 12, p. 44 (1987) KWs: WA
Y1250 Traditional fruits in their context in Papua New Guinea. RJ May. Vol 12, p. 50 (1987) KWs: ACT
Y1255 Plant quarantine and variety rights. Roland Gwynne & Colin Smith. Vol 12, p. 55 (1987) KWs: WA
Y1262 Ginkgo - tree of antiquity. DA Griffiths. Vol 12, p. 62 (1987) KWs: Hong Kong
Y1305 Pigs, wind and dirt: some nut mysteries reveal'd. David Noel. Vol 13, p. 05 (1988) KWs: WA
Y1314 Australian nut industry and the development of chestnuts. Andrew Dale. Vol 13, p. 14 (1988) KWs: Victoria
Y1320 Walnut and persimmon production in China. Loy W Shreve. Vol 13, p. 20 (1988) KWs: USA
Y1326 Artocarpus: breadfruits and jackfruits. DA Griffiths. Vol 13, p. 26 (1988) KWs: Hong Kong
Y1344 Paulownia: a tree for intercropping between other crops. Geoff Wilson. Vol 13, p. 44 (1988) KWs: Victoria
Y1348 Nashi fruit: an overview. JF Johnson. Vol 13, p. 48 (1988) KWs: NSW
Y1369 Jujube grafting. Roger Meyer. Vol 13, p. 69 (1988) KWs: USA
Y1405 Syzygium as a source of edible fruits. Peter G Wilson. Vol 14, p. 05 (1989) KWs: NSW
Y1414 Intercropping with jujube in China. Chen Peng. Vol 14, p. 14 (1989) KWs: China
Y1418 Fugitive earth domains as sources of useful fruit and nut genes. David Noel. Vol 14, p. 18 (1989) KWs: WA
Y1426 Importance of rare fruits and nuts or get 'em while you can!. Paul Recher. Vol 14, p. 26 (1989) KWs: NSW
Y1434 Sex determination in seedlings of carob. AJ Hart. Vol 14, p. 34 (1989) KWs: WA
Y1438 Useful palms of the Borassoideae family: Borassus and Hyphaene. DA Griffiths. Vol 14, p. 38 (1989) KWs: Hong Kong
Y1447 High density plantings of macadamia. Tim Trochoulias. Vol 14, p. 47 (1989) KWs: NSW
Y1457 Horticulture in the USSR: its characteristics, main crops, and their distribution. LA Burmistrov. Vol 14, p. 57 (1989) KWs: USSR
Y1462 Nut trees of Anhui province, China. Li Shuchun. Vol 14, p. 62 (1989) KWs: China
Y1466 Pistachio marketing: an Australian perspective. Daniel Sprod. Vol 14, p. 66 (1989) KWs: SA
Y1473 Responses of potted hass avocado plants to paclobutrazol drenches. PRR Symons & BN Wolstenholme. Vol 14, p. 73 (1989) KWs: South Africa
Y1503 Zizyphus: a tree crop for arid and semi-arid conditions. DA Griffiths. Vol 15, p. 03 (1990) KWs: Hong Kong
Y1524 Root grafting: a neglected technique with potential. Luigi Bazzani. Vol 15, p. 24 (1990) KWs: WA
Y1528 Mutualism - a cosy story about a fig and a wasp. Eman Farah. Vol 15, p. 28 (1990) KWs: SA
Y1535 Revival of an Australian coffee industry. Ted Winston. Vol 15, p. 35 (1990) KWs: Queensland
Y1542 New plant products - using Australia's genetic heritage. JA McComb. Vol 15, p. 42 (1990) KWs: WA
Y1556 Native fruit trees of Southern Brazil. Joao Rodrigues & Ducroquet, Jean-Pierre HJ Mattos. Vol 15, p. 56 (1990) KWs: Brazil
Y1562 Sandalwood in Western Australia. Diana Barrett. Vol 15, p. 62 (1990) KWs: Santalum spicatum
Y1568 Date palm culture in Western Australia. John Burt. Vol 15, p. 68 (1990) KWs: WA
Y1577 Growing exotic fruits in a Mediterranean climate. Neville Passmore. Vol 15, p. 77 (1990) KWs: WA
Y1603 Castanopsis: the evergreen chestnut family. DA Griffiths. Vol 16, p. 03 (1991) KWs: Hong Kong
Y1622 Budding pistachio nut trees. Dennis Lambert. Vol 16, p. 22 (1991) KWs: NSW
Y1624 Pecan nut variety evaluation in Western Australia. Aldo Labrosciano. Vol 16, p. 24 (1991) KWs: WA
Y1632 Some Himalayan wild fruits worth trial elsewhere. Chiranjit Parmar. Vol 16, p. 32 (1991) KWs: India
Y1636 Bunya - an Australian nut with outstanding potential. David Noel. Vol 16, p. 36 (1991) KWs: WA
Y1646 Desert walnut. Ken Herivel. Vol 16, p. 46 (1991) KWs: Queensland, Owenia reticulata
Y1648 Medicinal uses of the kiwifruit family (Actinidia). Noboru Motohashi. Vol 16, p. 48 (1991) KWs: Japan
Y1660 Propagation of mangos. Terry Muller. Vol 16, p. 60 (1991) KWs: WA
Y1666 Pistachio potential in West Texas. Austin Stockton et al. Vol 16, p. 66 (1991) KWs: USA
Y1672 Sapucaia nuts - the genus Lecythis. Gerardo Garcia-Ramis. Vol 16, p. 72 (1991) KWs: Puerto Rico
Y1678 Jak fruit - what to look for. Roger Goebel. Vol 16, p. 78 (1991) KWs: Queensland
Y1703 Pomegranate culture in central Asia. Leonid A Burmistrov. Vol 17, p. 03 (1993) KWs: Punica granatum, Russia
Y1714 Pecan - an emerging crop. Bruce W Wood & Jerry A Payne. Vol 17, p. 14 (1993) KWs: Carya illinoinensis, Carya illinoensis, USA
Y1720 Wild fruits in Puerto Rico. Gerardo Garcia-Ramis. Vol 17, p. 20 (1993) KWs: Puerto Rico
Y1732 Canarium: pili nuts, Chinese olives and resin. DA Griffiths. Vol 17, p. 32 (1993) KWs: Hong Kong
Y1746 Future for macadamia nuts in Western Australia. David Noel. Vol 17, p. 46 (1993) KWs:
Y1754 Bush foods - an annotated list: fruits & seeds eaten by aboriginal people in Northern Australia. Nicholas Smith. Vol 17, p. 54 (1993) KWs: NT
Y1765 Pinus pinea - an update for Australia. Louis Trap. Vol 17, p. 65 (1993) KWs: New Zealand, stone pine
Y1769 Amarillo peanut - a perennial orchard groundcover. Daryl Firth. Vol 17, p. 69 (1993) KWs: NSW, Arachis pintoi
Y1774 Red pitaya, a new exotic fruit. G Barbeau. Vol 17, p. 74 (1993) KWs: Nicaragua, strawberry pear, Hylocereus undatus
Y1803 Underexploited fruits and nuts of Russia. Leonid A Burmistrov. Vol 18, p. 03 (1994) KWs: Russia
Y1820 World trade in persimmons. RJ Collins et al. Vol 18, p. 20 (1994) KWs: Queensland, New Zealand, Diospyros kaki
Y1826 Native fruit and nut bearing species of the Kimberleys. Gil Hardwick. Vol 18, p. 26 (1994) KWs: WA
Y1832 Future for almonds in Australia. David Noel. Vol 18, p. 32 (1994) KWs: WA
Y1838 Versatile kaya trees of Japan and China. Noboru Motohashi & Roger Meyer. Vol 18, p. 38 (1994) KWs: USA, Japan, Torreya nucifera, Torreya grandis Fort.
Y1842 Introduction and domestication of rare and wild fruit and nut trees for desert areas. Avinoam Nerd et al. Vol 18, p. 42 (1994) KWs: Israel
Y1854 Mangosteen and related species. Otis Warren Barrett. Vol 18, p. 54 (1994) KWs: Puerto Rico, Garcinia sp.
Y1864 Canistel. Rosemary J Preez. Vol 18, p. 64 (1994) KWs: South Africa, Pouteria campechiana
Y1870 Australian essential oils. AR Penfold & FR Morrison. Vol 18, p. 70 (1994) KWs: NSW, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Tea tree, sandalwood, huon pine, boronia
Y1903 High-density planting of macadamia nuts. Julie Lake. Vol 19, p. 03 (1995) KWs: Australia
Y1909 Genetic resources and breeding potential of seabuckthorn in Russia. Leonid A Burmistrov. Vol 19, p. 09 (1995) KWs: Russia, Hippophae rhamnoides
Y1914 Ziziphus: jujube family species, distribution, exploitation. David Noel. Vol 19, p. 14 (1995) KWs: WA
Y1921 Dates: the Australian industry and the future. Geoff Kenna. Vol 19, p. 21 (1995) KWs: NT, Phoenix dactylifera
Y1933 Brazilnut. Batista Benito Gabriel Calzavara & Carlos Hans Muller. Vol 19, p. 33 (1995) KWs: Brazil
Y1941 Lychee: its origin, distribution and production around the world. Christopher Menzel. Vol 19, p. 41 (1995) KWs: Queensland, Litchi chinensis Sonn.
Y1949 Cactus: source of perhaps the perfect fruit. Alice Ramirez. Vol 19, p. 49 (1995) KWs: USA
Y1955 Cactus: a friend in a fire. Alice Ramirez. Vol 19, p. 55 (1995) KWs: USA
Y1956 Nut pines. Martin Crawford. Vol 19, p. 56 (1995) KWs: UK
Y1967 Potential for an Australian olive industry: research, varieties, propagation and mechanization. Farnell Hobman. Vol 19, p. 67 (1995) KWs: SA, Olea europaea
Y1976 Pecan nut cultivar evaluation in the Sundays River Valley, South Africa. D Miller et al. Vol 19, p. 76 (1995) KWs:
Y2003 Bird's message - commercial crops with minimum input. David Noel. Vol 20, p. 03 (1996) KWs: WA, liquid fertiliser
Y2013 Breeding and selecting new varieties of macadamia. Henry FD Bell. Vol 20, p. 13 (1996) KWs: Queensland, Macadamia integrifolia , M. tetraphylla
Y2019 Olive in Tunisia - a major national resource. Mondher Kachouri & Mongi M'Sallem. Vol 20, p. 19 (1996) KWs: Tunisia, Olea europaea
Y2024 Loquat: fruit of quality. CA Schroeder. Vol 20, p. 24 (1996) KWs: USA, Eriobotrya japonica
Y2030 New discovery in turkey: nuts may be the original staple food. Michael Rosenburg. Vol 20, p. 30 (1996) KWs: USA
Y2034 Chinese jujube, Zizyphus jujuba. Phil Ciminata. Vol 20, p. 34 (1996) KWs: WA
Y2037 Edible indigenous nuts in Papua New Guinea: - their potential for commercial development. Micheal Bourke. Vol 20, p. 37 (1996) KWs: ACT
Y2041 New crops as a possible solution for the troubled Israeli export market. Y Mizrahi & A Nerd. Vol 20, p. 41 (1996) KWs: Israel
Y2052 Quandong becomes a commercial crop. Fiona Conroy. Vol 20, p. 52 (1996) KWs: Victoria
Y2058 Silvopastoral agroforestry using honeylocust. Andy Wilson. Vol 20, p. 58 (1996) KWs: USA, Gleditsia triacanthos L.
Y2067 Persimmon production in China. Zheli Wang. Vol 20, p. 67 (1996) KWs: Diospyros kaki, China
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