Death of the Father
The Video...Coming in 1999! Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tito, Hirohito, Ceausescu. They have come to represent traumatic national authority. But how does one move from trauma to democratic form? Is it possible, as we enter the 21st century, to provoke new critical reflection on six of the 20th century's great tyrants?

John Schoeberlein and the Soviet Fathers
Europe burns
Tone Bringa explains the most famous Tito slogan
Watch for REAL video clips coming soon!

Our video, Death of the Father, evokes, through visual and aural juxtaposition, just such reflection. We situate six contemporary anthropologists within these regimes as they represent the often violent death scenes and their political aftermaths. A score, assembled from original music, sound effects, political speeches, and indigenous musical references, knits together a dizzying array of archival image ry, material objects and news reports- all mediated by anthropologists. Rather than explain the Death of the Father through argument, our video uses visual symbols and sounds to evoke reaction to affective force in political authority.

(c) 1999 John Borneman & Linda Fisher, All Rights Reserved