Month of Service

Month of Service is designed to create space for all members of the Princeton University campus community to celebrate the importance of engagement and showcase the myriad of ways we serve at Princeton. Held each January, Month of Service includes opportunities for staff, faculty, students and alumni to engage in service in the community, learn how to do service well, and reflect on service and civic engagement. 

Month of Service FAQs

Who can take part in Month of Service?
Month of Service is open to all Princeton University staff, faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni. 

How do I sign up to take part in Month of Service?
Each year a WASE calendar is created to sign up for Month of Service service opportunities, workshops, trainings, and events. Participants use their Princeton University NetID to log in. Once logged in, participants can click on each day of the month to see what Month of Service opportunities are available. Participants can click the "+" symbol to sign up. 

I am a Princeton alum. How can I sign up to take part?
Princeton University alumni need to follow a different set of instructions to sign up to take part in Month of Service. For 2018, alumni should follow the following steps:

  1. Log into WASE using the following URL:
  2. Once on the home screen, click “LOGIN” (NOTE: Alumni should not login as a guest)
  3. Clicking LOGIN should take you to the TigerNet CAS, where you should log in using your Princeton credentials.
  4. Once logged in, alumni should search for “Month of Service 2018.”
  5. View the calendar and make appointments using the same instructions as other community members.
    1. Click on “>” to the left of a given date to view service opportunities on that day.
    2.  Click on “+” to schedule an appointment to participate in the activity.

I'm not seeing any service opportunities. What should I do?
If you successfully log into WASE and click a date, but no service opportunities show up, please try using another Internet browser, such as Google Chrome. If you are still having difficulties after switching to Google Chrome, contact Charlotte Collins at

Do I have to take time off to participate?
Princeton University staff time spent volunteering at the University-coordinated service opportunities for Month of Service is considered productive or work time.  As operational needs must be considered, please speak with your supervisor for permission to participate.

How will I get to service opportunities in the community?
Each individual is responsible for their own transportation from home or campus to service experiences in the community. If serving with a group, we encourage participants to travel together. 

I don't have enough time in my day to go off campus, are there still ways I can take part?
Yes! In addition to serving in the community, Month of Service offers staff, faculty, students and alumni the opportunity to take a variety of workshops and trainings to bolster skills and learning. Month of Service also offers events on campus or close by.

Who do I connect with if I want to stay involved in service and civic engagement after Month of Service?
If you are interested in planning another opportunity to serve, whether on your own or with a group, the Pace Center can help. Pace Center Staff members support One-Time Service efforts and can help you identify ways to further your engagement.