Adding a new step to schedConfSetup

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Adding a new step to schedConfSetup

Postby spatialguru » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:22 pm

Hi, as I just noted in bug 3713, I'm struggling with maintaining separate themes, headers, footers, logos between Schedule Conferences under the same Conference. Each year ours change layout, style, etc. So I thought I'd try to clone the Conference Setup Step 3 (to start with) into a Schedule Conference Setup Step 4. I think I'm 75% of the way there, just need a few ideas to get it right.

The short story: * If I save edits to Step 4 form I created, it seems to overwrite settings for the Conference, is it something to do with the code below referring to conference settings?

Here's the long story of what I've done...

  • copied /templates/manager/setup/step3.tpl -> /templates/manager/schedConfSetup/step4.tpl
  • edit schedConfSetup/index.tpl to include pointer to step4.tpl ( also copied from setup/index.tpl)
    -- will now show on /manager/schedConfSetup/4 - but page is not active
  • add entry to schedConfSetup/setupHeader.tpl to include pointer to step4.tpl copied from setup/setupHeader.tpl
    -- will now show in header between steps
  • Edit pages/manager/ to change range of steps from 3 to 4 (lines 30, 59, 162, 167)
  • copied /classes/manager/form/setup/ to /classes/manager/form/schedConfSetup/ (note change from step 3 to 4 in filename)
  • Edited the above - basic stuff, plus used $schedConf instead of $conference near end.
  • Now I'm stuck. If I save edits to Step 4 in the form, it seems to overwrite settings for the Conference, is it something to do with the settings used at the bottom of the following code? Or are there more things I need to change to fix the save operation?

Code: Select all


class SchedConfSetupStep4Form extends SchedConfSetupForm {

        function SchedConfSetupStep4Form() {
                        4,  // CHANGED FROM 3 to 4 - NOT SURE IF I NEED TO ??
                                'homeHeaderTitleType' => 'int',
                                'homeHeaderTitle' => 'string',
                                'pageHeaderTitleType' => 'int',
                                'pageHeaderTitle' => 'string',
                                'navItems' => 'object',
                                'conferencePageHeader' => 'string',
                                'conferencePageFooter' => 'string',
                                'itemsPerPage' => 'int',
                                'numPageLinks' => 'int'

         * Get the list of field names for which localized settings are used.
         * @return array
        function getLocaleFieldNames() {
                return array('homeHeaderTitleType', 'homeHeaderTitle', 'pageHeaderTitleType', 'pageHeaderTitle', 'navItems', 'conferencePageHeader', 'conferencePageFooter');

        function readInputData() {

         * Display the form.
        function display() {
                //$conference = &Request::getConference();
                $schedConf = &Request::getSchedConf();

                // Ensure upload file settings are reloaded when the form is displayed.
                $templateMgr = &TemplateManager::getManager();
                        //'homeHeaderTitleImage' => $conference->getSetting('homeHeaderTitleImage'),
                        'homeHeaderTitleImage' => $schedConf->getSetting('homeHeaderTitleImage'),
                        'homeHeaderLogoImage'=> $schedConf->getSetting('homeHeaderLogoImage'),
                        'pageHeaderTitleImage' => $schedConf->getSetting('pageHeaderTitleImage'),
                        'pageHeaderLogoImage' => $schedConf->getSetting('pageHeaderLogoImage'),
                        'homepageImage' => $schedConf->getSetting('homepageImage')



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