Newbie HELP!!!

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Newbie HELP!!!

Postby lithium258 » Sat May 09, 2009 9:03 pm

Helo guys, I'm very new with OJS and my office wants to use it for the journal we make. I downloaded and readed the 1-hour PDF guide, have the system installed locally, etc. However I feel very stuck to have anything working properly. Basically I would like to know how to do the following things in which I have found a "wall" that prevents me go any further:

a) As I'm the only guy that will use this system, and have the final articles in Word which doesnt need any further revisions or whatever, I wonder what steps I need to do to publish the articles right away. I won't have any reviewers, proofreaders, copyeditors... I'm the only single guy behind the "web" version of our journals. So, whats the fasters quickest way to have an article online?

I enrolled myself as author, reviewer, editor, section editor... in fact, as ALL the user types I found there, but still need to switch from user to user to "move" a single little article and have it published?

b) I experimented adding our real staff positions to be used in the Masthead: Editor-in-chief, Excecutive Editor, Senior Editor, Managing Editor, etc and put their names and email address as well. However when my Masthead gets displayed their real positions are not show, but their positions in OJS user types. I mean, instead of Editor in Chief, I get Editor --because Editor in Chief although added to the system is not available in the position drop down list when adding new users; only default positions are available. So, how do I get this working? I just need all my peers be listed with their real staff positions: Editor-in-chief, Excecutive Editor, Senior Editor, Managing Editor, etc

c) Also related with the Masthead... when I add my peers as system users, I don't see a way to specify their titles, like PhD, MPH, DrSc, etc. Where do I specify this? Specially for those people I need to have in the Masthead?

d) In the 1-hour document it says the system do not provide a means to insert and edit HTML content as for instance articles bodies. Like PDF, the HTMLs need to be done elsewhere say Dreamweaver or whatever and then uploaded into the system? Is that correct? I thought as a CMS it would let me do this within itself.

e) Our journal uses a different way as for identification, something like Winter 2009, Vol 11 No 1. In the 1-hour document it says there is some options that will allow the user to use a customized journal identification, however after a long back and forth session, I still do not see where can I define that.

I have many other doubts, however these are the most important I need to address as soon as possible. Basically I need to know if there is an expedite way to post articles since we do not have authors submissions, or any other team person doing anything but just me at the final stage to have the articles just up and running.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Newbie HELP!!!

Postby jmacgreg » Wed May 13, 2009 10:07 am

Hi Adam,

There are answers to most of your questions on the forum already, and in the documentation for some. I'll ask you in the future to first check the documentation, then search the forum for answers; and to stick to one question per thread, as multi-question threads get confusing.

That said, I'll give you some quick answers:

a) -- check out the expedited submission process: ... rting_Data.

b) -- you want to ensure that the second radio button under Masthead has been selected and that selection recorded; then you'll want to create new position titles for each group of your editorial team (eg. Editor in Chief) and assign your users to them. Their system title won't appear; they will be listed under their created position title.

c) -- that functionality doesn't currently exist. See viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3927&start=0. I've also posted a bug report: Feel free to CC yourself to that report for future updates.

d) -- at the moment, you will have to create the HTML and PDF galleys external to the program. Over time we are integrating parts of the Lemon8-XML software (, and eventually HTML and PDF generation will be part of a larger XML workflow process.

e) -- You can specify custom issue titles in the issue metadata when, as an Editor, you Create or Edit a new issue. You may also want to take a look at the public identifier option -- plenty of info on the forum about that.


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Re: Newbie HELP!!!

Postby lithium258 » Wed May 13, 2009 12:26 pm

James, thanks a heap for taking your time and answering those questions! Now I see clearly what I can and can't do with OJS and lately decide if we will embrace it or not.



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