What the FAQ is Sex in the Hub?

It’s not people having sex in a public space. We promise.
Sex in the Hub is a full day of sex and consent education held at Victoria University of Wellington’s Kelburn Campus Hub.
A ‘sextival’ if you will.

It will focus on three key themes: Consent, sexual health and pleasurable sex.

The day will have a number of panels talking about sexual health and consent.
Organisations working in this space will have information stalls in the Hub throughout the day, we'll be running sex quizzes, tango dance lessons and a number of other activities to get students engaged in an important conversation.


Who’s in charge of this?

This is a student-led event. Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association’s (VUWSA) Welfare Team is in charge of the schedule for the Sex in the Hub and making sure students are getting the most out of the day.

We've also partnered with Victoria University of Wellington in the organisation of this event, and InsideOUT have curated our Queer/Rainbow community space for the day.


I haven't had sex. Should I still come?

Of course! In fact, for those of you who haven’t had sex yet, you’re getting ahead of the game by coming and learning. Bust some of those myths and old wives’ tales and learn that sex doesn’t have to be scary or awkward or bad.

You also don’t have to want to have sex to participate. The day is about celebrating our bodies, our boundaries, and being in control.


What’s the point?

When students come to university, they come with different levels of knowledge about their bodies, relationships and sex itself. Not everyone’s parents or guardians had an open, honest and comprehensive conversation with them about sex, consent, and healthy relationships. And we all know, you don’t learn all the things you should from a high school health class.

So Sex in the Hub is about providing a space where there is no stigma, taboo, or judgement. It’s letting students have an adult conversation with their peers about all the important stuff. And maybe have some fun too.

What if I want to avoid the event on my way to class?

Sex in the Hub is a sex-positive space where we will be having open and honest discussions about some pretty sensitive subject matter. If you don’t want to be a part of the day then you don’t have to. All areas involved Sex in the Hub activities will be clearly sign-posted so you can avoid them if you need to.

The route between the Tim Beaglehole Courtyard, past the library and into the AM/TTR buildings will be clear of anything Sex in the Hub-related, so you’ll have a clear path through uni.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on in the public area, VUW’s health and counselling team will be there to talk to, or there will be Sex in the Hub volunteers roaming in the space who you can ask for help or advice.



I want to join in, but I’m embarrassed of what people might think if they see me there. What do I do?

Come anyway! We know this type of talk is uncomfortable but if you’re interested in what’s going on pick a less intense activity, like a panel discussion, to sit and listen too. Perhaps try and get some friends to come with you as a group. Alternatively, if being there on the day is a bit too much we will post heaps of information on our Sex in the Hub website that you can look through in private.

On the day, we’ll have a separate stall away from all the action where you can discretely ask for any information you may be interested in.


How can I follow up with groups or services after the event?

For anything Sex in the Hub specific you can email sexinthehub@vuwsa.org.nz and the VUWSA team will get back to you.

If you have specific questions about your sexual health, relationships or any of the topics being discussed at Sex in the Hub head to our Support page which has the information of all the organisations who may be able to help with your query.


How can I help out on the day?

We’d love to have some passionate people come and work with us on the day, helping organise events and help students out with queries. If you’re keen to volunteer email sexinthehub@vuwsa.org.nz for more info.


How do I register a complaint or concern about Sex in the Hub?

If you’d like to let us know things we could improve on, click here.