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  1. Mar 25
  2. Mar 25

    As an lifelong Democrat, now Republican, I’m trying to figure out One thing... Obama was president during 9 of the worst school shootings in US history. He didn't sign 1 gun control legislation in eight years & zero 🤔 Why?

  3. Mar 26
  4. Mar 29

    Obama was POTUS during 9 of the worst school shootings in U.S. history. Obama was in office 8 years and didn’t sign any gun control legislation. Obama green-lighted bumpstocks on at least 2 occasions. # of orchestrated by the left under Obama .... = 0️⃣

  5. Mar 26
  6. Mar 26

    I think this is my favorite sign.

  7. Apr 2
  8. Mar 29
  9. Sign our petition to get to stop paying and promoting Ted Nugent out of respect for the victims of two Nashville mass shootings within the last nine months.

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  10. Mar 26

    Best sign from this weekend by far… "When I said I'd rather die than go to math class? That was hyperbole, assholes."

  11. Mar 31

    When you sit on your dad’s shoulders, carrying a sign you helped color in because you want to go to school without thinking about an active shooter coming to get you.

  12. CONTEST TIME: Respond to this tweet with your sign. Our five favorite signs will win a M4OL hat! We'll announce the winners on Friday at 8PM est.

  13. Mar 27

    I personally think the children should be protesting bullying and advocating treating others with kindness and respect. To call for a gun ban and then to have a sign that says "Shoot Barron Trump", a child!, shows their true colors.

  14. Mar 26

    My sister went to DC for March For Our Lives. Here are some of the photos she took sign

  15. 45 miles down and this sign still speaks the truth.

  16. Mar 26

    change is coming (everyone was taking pics of my sign lmaoo)

  17. Mar 26
  18. 1 hour ago

    March for Our Lives: An Act to Protect & Save Your Children - Sign the Petition! via

  19. 6 hours ago
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    OMG that is perfect! On signs at EVERY march to meet a Rep, at every knock on a Senator's door, at every community meeting, "You cant speak for us, if you wont speak with us."

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