Librarian Subject Consultants

Subject consultant librarians are assigned to each academic department or program as a research instruction and collection development liaison.

Business and economics

Subject Consultant Contact E-mail
Accounting Rob Sage
Business Administration Rob Sage
Business Writing Joy Sage
Economics Rob Sage
Finance Rob Sage
International Business Rob Sage
ISDS Rob Sage
Management Rob Sage
Marketing Rob Sage


Subject Consultant Contact E-mail
Cinema and Television Arts John Hickok
Communications John Hickok
Human Communication Studies John Hickok
Communication Sciences & Disorders Adolfo Prieto


Subject Consultant Contact E-mail
Educational Leadership Sarah Parramore
Elementary & Bilingual Education Sarah Parramore
Literacy & Reading Sarah Parramore
Instructional Design Sarah Parramore
Secondary Education Sarah Parramore
Special Education Sarah Parramore

Engineering & Computer Science

Subject Consultant Contact E-mail
Computer Science Robert Tomaszewski
Engineering Robert Tomaszewski

health & Human Development

Subject Consultant Contact E-mail
Child & Adolescent Studies Joy Lambert
Counseling Adolfo Prieto
Human Services Adolfo Prieto
Kinesiology Eric Karkhoff
Nursing Cotton Coslett
Public Health Cotton Coslett
Social Work Adolfo Prieto

humanities & Social sciences

Subject Consultant Contact E-mail
African American Studies Barbara Miller
Aging Studies Adolfo Prieto
American Studies Megan Graewingholt
Anthropology Barbara Miller
Asian American Studies Barbara Miller
Chicana & Chicano Studies Barbara Miller
English & Comparative Literature Jie Tian
Environmental Studies Joy Sage
Geography & the Environment Joy Sage
History Megan Graewingholt
Latin American Studies Barbara Miller
Liberal Studies Michaela Keating  
Linguistics Barbara Miller
Modern Languages & Literatures Barbara Miller
Philosophy Mark Bilby
Politics, Administration, & Justice Megan Graewingholt
Psychology Eric Karkhoff
Sociology Joy Lambert
Religious Studies Mark Bilby
Women & Gender Studies Michaela Keating  

natural sciences & mathematics

Subject Consultant Contact E-mail
Biological Science Robert Tomaszewski 
Chemistry & Biochemistry Robert Tomaszewski
Geological Sciences Robert Tomaszewski
Mathematics Robert Tomaszewski
Physics Robert Tomaszewski