Pollak Library COVID-19 Updates 

This page contains updates on library services and resources during the Coronavirus pandemic. For general campus updates, please visit the CSUF Coronavirus Update page.

LIBRARY E-BOOKS & DATABASES:  The library's e-resources remain open and functioning, 24/7.  E-books:  nearly one million e-books are available from the library's OneSearch catalog .  Additional e-books are available at several publicly available free e-book sitesDatabases: the library's databases are all functioning, as well as additional databases the library has been given temporary access to during the quarantine.  

ONLINE LIBRARIAN ASSISTANCE:   Online librarian assistance is available 24/7!  Simply click the  Get Help   icon at the top of the library’s homepage to chat with a librarian or make a   Research Consultation Appointment with a CSUF  subject consultant librarian.  During weekdays (M-F, 10a-5p) CSUF librarians monitor the online chat window. Afterhours and weekends,  a professional librarian chat service continues the monitoring to assist you.  For longer, more detailed assistance, research appointments with CSUF subject consultant librarians--via Zoom--can be scheduled. 

CHECKING OUT/PICKING UP PRINT BOOKS:      Print books are now available to be checked out and picked up!  Here’s how it works:
(1) Search for the book you want using 
OneSearch  on the library’s homepage 
(2) Click the book’s title, then click the “Sign in for more options” link
(3) Click the blue “Request” link 
(4) Select “Pollak Library” or “24/7 Lockers” as the pickup location, and click “Request” again
(5) You will then get an email notifying you when your book is ready for pickup.
 The pickup location is outside the library, at the library's south-side entrance glass doors facing the Quad/McCarthy Hall.  Pickup times are M-F, 8am-5pm.  Please bring a valid TitanCard or State ID for checkout.  Your email notification serves as temporary permission to come onto campus (following the requirements of wearing a mask and social distancing). When you arrive, use your mobile phone to call the Circulation Desk, 657-278-2721, for a staff member to come to the glass doors with your book.  Please allow for 1-2 business days for your request to become available.

LIBRARY LOCKERS FOR PICKING-UP BOOKS/MATERIALS: The Library now provides lockers—similar to Amazon package lockers—to pick-up library books & materials requested via OneSearch.  The lockers are located at the south entrance of the library (Quad side). This allows users to pick-up their books/materials any time, rather than only M-F 8am-5pm from library staff at the glass doors.  In OneSearch, for a book or item, users select Request and then 24/7 Lockers ; an email will then be sent with instructions how to open the locker (an electronic key code).  Materials will be available from the locker for 3 days after the email is sent.  Please see full details about lockers for more information.

RETURNING PRINT BOOKS: To return books, use any of the library’s 3 outdoor return bins: (1) by the south-side/Quad-side sliding glass doors; (2) by the west doors, facing the Titanshops bookstore; (3) the big silver bin, in the Lot I faculty parking lot (between EC and ECS) next to the disabled parking stalls.  See CSUF's campus map.    Regarding temporary parking:  the faculty parking Lot I bin requires no parking; just briefly stop your car near the bin, drop your book(s), and be on your way.  For the bins at the library's south or west doors, you may use the library's temporary, 15-minute parking spaces in the loading dock (down the small lane next to the EC building).  Regarding due dates and overdue books:  please login to your library record ("My Library" at the library's homepage) to see the due dates of material checked out to you. If you need your due dates extended, please contact the Circulation Desk at libcirc@fullerton.edu or 657-278-2721.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN AND "TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE" BOOKS:  Most of the library’s books which were moved to off-campus storage during the library's south-side renovation have returned.  However, if you still see a “Temporarily Unavailable” message when searching for a book on  OneSearch,  please email libcirc@fullerton.edu to inquire.   Interlibrary loan and CSU+ loan of printed books has resumed operation for the new school year; however, delivery times may be impacted by the availability of opened libraries that have the material.

TEXTBOOKS AS LIBRARY E-BOOKS : With Fall 2020 as all-virtual, some may wonder if the library will provide textbooks as library e-books.  For some classes, instructors and the library have arranged this.  But in most cases, it is not possible, as the textbook is only available from the publisher for individual purchases, not a library purchase.  To see if your textbook might be a library e-book--and if not, other options available to you--see the   Library's Textbook GuideOpens in new window .

IT ASSISTANCE:  Accessing the library's virtual services and resources requires Internet access.  Consult these options if you are lacking access.   For IT updates and assistance, visit the IT COVID page.

STARBUCKS:  The Starbucks in the library will be open for take-out orders from 8am - 2pm Monday through Friday. 

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC:    CSUF's administration has announced that, for public health safety reasons, the campus is  closed to the public.   For questions about lending policies during the campus closure, please contact the Library's Circulation Desk directly: libcirc@fullerton.edu 


For Faculty

LIBRARY INSTRUCTION SESSIONS:   In-person library instruction will not be available for Summer or Fall.  However, CSUF librarians are fully available for virtual instruction.  This can be a variety of ways: synchronous (guest instructor during your class Zoom session, a separately scheduled Zoom session, etc.) or asynchronous (pre-recorded videos for you to post to Titanium or Canvas, for your students to watch at their convenience).  To schedule a librarian subject consultant assigned to your department, use the Library Instruction Request form.

LIBRARY RESERVE (PRINT ITEMS):  Traditional print reserves will not be offered during the virtual Spring semester. An alternative is to check OneSearch to see if your titles are available as e-books and create links to them.  To do this, go to the OneSearch e-book record and click “permalink” at the top to create a link (see description of steps).    If no electronic versions are available, the library can digitize a small portion of books (within practical and copyright constraints) into e-reserves. To request this, use the Library's Reserves Request Form and specify which library book it is, or if it is your own copy, schedule a day & time to bring it to the south-side entrance of the library (sliding glass doors).  If you have personal print items left on reserve from last year which you wish to retrieve, contact the library (657-278-2721 or libraryreserves@fullerton.edu) to arrange a pickup day & time.

E-TEXTBOOKS :  In preparing your Fall curriculum, some of you have already chosen e-textbooks through your publisher. Some of you may be choosing free Open Access textbooks (see a list of OA textbooks ). Your subject consultant librarian can assist you to see if a textbook is purchasable and affordable as a multi-user library e-book (for example, see these library e-textbooks purchased Fall 2019).  However, please realize many publishers refuse to make e-textbooks available to libraries, and instead only allow individual student purchases (as noted by other libraries ).

LIBRARY VIDEOS (STREAMING):   The library has a large collection of streaming videos, all cataloged in the  OneSearch   catalog, with a link to the video.  These can be excellent supplements to your instruction.  The streaming videos come from several vendors: Kanopy, Alexander Street, AVON, Films on Demand, Swank, etc. While the collection is large and varied, obviously it does not include every video in existence.  If there is a specific video you want to show your class, which isn't in OneSearch (or publicly available on YouTube, etc.), your subject consultant librarian can help check if the video is available and affordable to add to our streaming collection (or as a DVD; see below).  Please realize many independent and specialty videos have excessive streaming charges beyond the the library's budget, so being able to add a particular video is not guaranteed. 

LIBRARY VIDEOS (DVDs):  For those of you who wish to show physical DVDs to your classes—either your own, or owned by the library—the library is partnering with CSUF’s Online Education & Training (OET) to digitize DVDs into streaming format to view via a secure ShareStream link, which you can post in Titanium or Canvas for your students.  To do this, please fill out the   OET Digitization Request Form and send it to kphillips@fullerton.edu.  If it is a library-owned DVD, just indicated the title and call # on the form.  If it is your own DVD, please bring it to the library’s south-side glass doors and call 657-278-2721 to alert staff of your arrival. Staff are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.

COPYRIGHT QUESTIONS:  In these unique times, the Pollak Library is following the copyright and fair use guidelines outlined in the  Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists . The Chancellor's Office has also provided copyright guidance for CSU faculty.  If you have questions related to copyright and fair use, please contact the library's copyright specialist,  Anthony Davis, for assistance.