Scaling-up the ICT innovation ecosystem in Europe. The Commission works to improve innovation in Europe by providing instruments that enhance research, entrepreneurs and companies.

We are working on initiatives to stimulate innovation in Europe by strengthening the ICT ecosystem, and supporting European researchers, companies, and entrepreneurs.

One of these initiatives is to increase the focus on the innovation potential of research projects (through reinforcing actions for ICT innovation in Horizon 2020) and an open scheme to support disruptive innovation, as announced by former Vice President Neelie Kroes, on 25 September 2012.

Other initiatives target different ways of financing innovation (e.g. through ICT innovation vouchers, Inducement prizes, SME instrument), and creating better framework conditions for innovation in Europe, e.g. through ICT standardisation.

We also encourage public procurement of innovative ICT solutions that can and improve the quality of public services and create opportunities for innovative companies to find first customers and also take the lead in new markets.

27 February 2014
Last update: 
17 August 2017
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