As of August 2017 teams working on sites on the domain should apply the following guidelines. Guidelines apply to the look and feel and also to content.

The information listed on this section complements the Information Providers Guide that remains the rulebook covering all aspects of publishing on the EUROPA site.

Content guidelines

Review content

Before applying the new look and feel, site owners should review their content. Please refer to identifying redundant, outdated and trivial content for more information.

Mandatory corporate templates (content types)

All content listed below must use corporate templates (also known as content types) to allow similar types of content to be presented in a similar way across the European Commission’s web presence, ensuring consistency.

  • Persons: the Persons corporate template covers short profiles of people that can be included on generic pages, department pages or an event announcement page for example. They generally include a person's name, title and portrait photo. 

  • Consultations: Consultations will be placed together in the Public Consultations section and will be eventually be part of Better Regulation.
  • Departments: use the Department corporate template under the "About the EU" content class for all traditional "About us" site content.

Step-by-step guides to use corporate templates (content types).

Link to/from the Information site

The objective is to build a coherent Commission web presence where all websites are part of a single information architecture. Therefore all websites will:

  • Link to and from the information site allowing for coherent user journeys.

  • Display a breadcrumb following the pattern "European Commission > [class name] > ... > website".

Style guidelines

There are two tools at your disposal to apply the look and feel:

  • New Europa Drupal theme: sites hosted on the European Commission Next Europa CMS (based on Drupal) can benefit from an already-built theme incorporating all visual elements of the look and feel. The theme is available on Next Europa CMS as of version 2.4.

  • Europa Component Library (ECL): for sites NOT hosted on the Commission corporate Next Europa platform, the ECL provides a library of components applicable to all European Commission websites (hosted under The library contains all available components which you can use to build your website.  All components are accompanied by documentation, visual examples and a technology agnostic HTML/CSS code for implementation.

Design elements should be updated when improving a site

The new look and feel covers all graphical components required to build a website. Among them, the main design elements to be updated are:

It is recommended to also apply the rest of graphic components (please refer to the Next Europa CMS Theme and the Europa Component Library).

Before improving the look and feel of your website, take a look at our overall design principles.

Examples to use as a reference

Need help?

Please contact COMM Europa management for help or to register for our improving websites workshops.