New Commission website

The new web presence is a work in progress. It consists of 2 interconnected parts:

  • a political section, which communicates the Commission's political priorities
  • a comprehensive information section, structured around proven user needs

Your feedback

If you spot anything you feel is incorrect or not working properly, please let us know.

Help us improve by using the feedback form at the bottom of each page to send us:

  • comments or suggestions on layout, structure and navigation
  • technical issues
  • your language preferences

Our approach to designing content

On the information section homepage, the main navigation labels are designed to give you the easiest possible access to the content you need.

Alternatively, you can navigate by topic.

At present, the site mainly contains legacy links to pages on other Commission websites. Content and navigation will be added as we transition to the new user centric approach.


The Commission is committed to providing users with information in the language they need. On the new site, some content will be available in all official EU languages and some content in fewer languages, based on user needs.

More about the language policy for this website


We are making the new Commission web presence as accessible and usable as possible for all users - including people with disabilities or people without access to the latest technologies. We're also trying to make the site accessible across different internet browsers, devices and connection speeds. 
Full details of the web accessibility guidelines we are following.

Digital transformation

Work on the new web presence is led by the Commission's communication, translation and IT departments, and supported by all departments in a collaborative process. You can read more about the team and its work on the EU Digital blog and on the Commission's Information Provider's Guide.