MolenGeek coding school has presented the first project "The Padua Tech Station by MolenGeek" to scale up in Europe in the presence of Commission Vice-President Ansip and Belgium Deputy Prime Minister De Croo.

MolenGeek coding school presented today their plan to scale up in Europe with a first project in Italy "The Padua Tech Station by MolenGeek".

The announcement took place in the presence of European Commission Vice-President Ansip and Belgian Deputy Prime Minister De Croo, who support the initiative and promote the development of startups and digital skills in Europe.

European Commission Vice-President Ansip, in charge of the Digital Single Market, said:

MolenGeek is a Belgian success story and we want it to become a European one. Today's project in Italy is a first and important step. 44% of Europeans do not have basic digital skills and the demand for workers specialised in new technologies is constantly growing. This is why startups such as MolenGeek are essential and with the creation of a Digital Single Market in Europe we help them to scale up

Belgian Deputy Prime Minister De Croo, responsible for the Digital Agenda, said:

MolenGeek provides young people with relevant skills and a positive future perspective in a world where digital becomes the norm. The expansion of Molengeek’s approach to other European cities is a great opportunity to further build a digital Europe that all citizens are part of

Julie Foulon, co-founder of MolenGeek, said:  

Digital is a vector of social emancipation. We are glad to have the support of the Belgian government and the European Commission to scale up across the EU, and they are calling European companies to invest in such initiatives

Francesco Zanchin, Italian digital entrepreneur, partner of the Padua Tech Station by MolenGeek:

As here in Molenbeek, the first criteria to participate in our project in Padua is motivation. Our new project will help enthusiastic people develop their digital skills and play a greater role in our society and economy. It is a win win situation


MolenGeek was founded two years ago by five young entrepreneurs. It offers a wide range of activities for young people to be develop digital and entrepreneurship skills. 

MolenGeek receives financing from the Belgian Digital Agenda and private partners. The organisation participates in European projects such as the European Startup Prize for mobilityStartup Europe and in the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

The strategy to create Digital Single Market in the EU aims at developing an environment which is fit for the digital age, encourage innovation, startups and digital skills. As part of the 24 legislative proposals presented under the strategy, the Commission put forward new telecoms rules to ensure better connectivity: all European households, rural or urban, should have access to connectivity offering a download speed of at least 100 Mbps by 2025.

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