Policy areas

  • Single market strategy

    Single market strategy

    Unlocking the full potential of the single market so that citizens, business and public authorities can access goods and services for the best quality, price or service; professionals can offer services across the EU quickly and conveniently; entrepreneurs can innovate and expand; new business models and services can flourish; and retailers find it easy to establish, do business and deliver their products across borders.

  • Capital markets union

    Capital markets union

    Reducing fragmentation in financial markets, diversifying financing sources, strengthening cross border capital flows and improving access to finance for businesses, particularly SMEs.

  • Action plan for fairer corporate taxation

    Action plan for fairer corporate taxation

    Tackling tax abuse, ensuring sustainable revenues and supporting a better business environment in the Single Market.

  • Labour mobility

    Promoting labour mobility, especially where there are persistent vacancies and skills mismatches, while protecting workers' social rights and ensuring a fair European labour market.



  • Completing the internal market in products and services and making it the launch pad for our companies and industry to thrive in the global economy.
  • Stimulating investment in new technologies, improving the business environment, easing access to markets and to finance, particularly for SMEs, and ensuring that workers have the skills industry needs.
  • Creating a capital markets union, making it easier for small businesses to raise money and making Europe a more attractive place to invest.
  • Encouraging workers to take up jobs in other EU countries to fill vacancies and meet the need for special skills.
  • Reviewing the posting of workers directive and ensure its strict implementation, to prevent social dumping.
  • Spurring administrative cooperation among national tax authorities.
  • Working for the adoption of a common consolidated corporate tax base and a financial transaction tax at EU level.