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  • Pushing forward work on trans-European transport networks and promoting cross-border transport connections.
  • Facilitating travel by ensuring optimal connections between different transport modes, such as railway and air transport.
  • Basing new policies increasingly on the "user pays" principle, while preventing discrimination.
  • Completing negotiations on the new railway regulations (Fourth Railway package) and pursuing the Single European Sky policy.
  • Developing common EU standards for transport safety and security to improve the international environment for transport.

Violeta Bulc is part of the following Project Teams:

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Violeta Bulc's team supports her in her daily work.
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Appointments and meetings


As part of the Commission’s commitment to transparency, Commissioners and their members of Cabinet publish information on meetings held with organisations or self-employed individuals.

In line with the Commission's Code of Conduct for Members of the Commission, each Commissioner publishes a Declaration of Interests.

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Slovenian nationality.

  • European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport
    • 2014 to present
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Responsible for Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion, Government of Slovenia
    • 2014
  • Chief of the Program Committee of the SMC Party, Slovenia
    • 2013-2014
  • CEO of Vibacom Ltd, Sustainable Strategies and Innovation Ecosystems
    • 2000-2014
  • Vice-President, Telemach Ltd, telecommunications provider
    • 1999-2000
  • Director of Carrier Business, Telekom Slovenia
    • 1997-1999
  • Manager of Institutional Traffic, Telekom Slovenia
    • 1994–1997
  • Expert for wide area networks performance analyses, Dhl Systems, Burlingame, California, USA
    • 1991-1994
  • Master's degree in Information Technology, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia