The study involved the evaluation of ENISA over the 2013-2016 period, assessing the Agency’s performance, governance and organisational structure, and positioning with respect to other EU and national bodies. The results of this study as well as the results of the public consultation were used as input to the impact assessment of the policy options for the review of the mandate of ENISA.

The study assessed ENISA’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs) with regard to the new cybersecurity and digital privacy landscape. It also provided options to modify the mandate of the Agency to better respond to new, emerging needs and assesses their financial implications.

The findings of the evaluation study show that ENISA has made some important achievements towards increasing network and information security in the EU. However, a fragmented approach to cybersecurity across the EU and issues internal to the Agency, including limited financial resources, hindered ENISA’s ability to respond to the ever growing needs of stakeholders in a context of technological developments and evolving cybersecurity threats. 


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