To enable a resilient and privacy-protecting Europes digital single market through leadership and being the centre of excellence in network and information security and digital privacy policy, providing enabling legislation, co-/self-regulation, cooperation and other soft policy measures including the application and periodic review of the NIS and e-Privacy legislation. We ensure synergies with investment in research and innovation. We deliver the parent-DG responsibility for ENISA and the representation of the DG in the CERT-EU Board and the DG's contribution to responding to cyber incidents. We have to co-lead of the EU Cybersecurity Strategy. International cybersecurity cooperation and negotiation is also in our remit.

To ensure a future of strong digital resilience and privacy protection by leading the Research and Innovation and deployment agenda for network and information security and digital privacy in the societal challenges and LEIT/ICT of Horizon 2020 and in the CEF, and focusing on innovative and next-generation systems and generic cyber security and privacy solutions inter alia by driving the cyber PPP and related industrial measures, and co-chairing the Security Societal Challenge in H2020. We ensure synergies with cyber security and privacy policy.

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Miguel González-Sancho


+32-2-29 52918