• Quantum
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    In the next few years, quantum technologies will make it possible to do things that simply cannot be done today – such as look far beneath the ground or under the sea, perform complex computational tasks, like modelling biomolecular and chemical reactions, that the most powerful supercomputers cannot currently manage, send sensitive information safely to anywhere, and diagnose diseases more quickly and accurately by looking inside cells.
  • EU funded projects on Quantum Technology
    These projects are funded as part of the Quantum Technologies Flagship, a major initiative by the European Commission to support quantum technologies research in Europe.
  • Quantum Technologies Flagship
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    This long-term research and innovation initiative aims to put Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution and bring transformative advances to science, industry and society.
  • FET Flagships
    FET Flagships are long term and large scale research initiatives driven by an ambitious vision. They tackle major science and technology challenges expected to result in 'game changing' impacts that benefit economy and society and pave the way to the technological and industrial leadership of the EU.