The Commission is promoting a coherent approach on media policies, covering legislation on audio visual media services and the preservation of the European cultural heritage.

The European Commission supports media policies that empower European citizens to enjoy seamless and interactive experiences, letting them access any content from anywhere in Europe.

A single European TV market needs a minimum set of common rules for the audiovisual sector and new media sector covering aspects like advertising, promotion of European works and protection of minors.

The Commission is working on legislation that supports the creation of a true Digital Single Market of content and promotion of media freedom and pluralism in Europe. It makes sure that the right regulatory framework in terms of copyright is in place for all citizens to fully benefit from the great opportunities offered by a truly connected digital single market.

In the context of social media platforms and networks, the Commission addresses the various challenges around fake news and online disinformation and the spread of illegal content.

Open data and re-use of public sector information, open government data is promoted and encouraged.

The digitisation of Europe's cultural heritage of collections held by Europe's libraries, archives, museums and audiovisual archives makes it accessible and available to everyone.