Creative Europe MEDIA, the EU’s programme supporting the film and audiovisual industries, organise several initiatives along the year with the aim of bringing European films closer to citizens.

Through free screenings, thematic projects and online contests, the programme reaches out to thousands of people each year and gives them the opportunity to discover the richness and diversity of European films and the work done by European audiovisual professionals.

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Each year in spring, film lovers can participate in the #euFilmContest, an online quiz on European cinema where they can show how much they know about European films for a chance to win one trip to the Cannes Film Festival. Ten winners get to discover how the European film industry works and meet the professionals behind the scenes. In the third edition, organised in 2019, more than 14300 people participated!

A Season of Classic Films

During summer, Creative Europe MEDIA organises free screenings of European classic films in some of Europe's most iconic cultural heritage venues. In 2019, 15 cities in 13 EU countries were involved in this initiative aiming at highlighting Europe's rich and diverse cultural heritage.


In September, to appease the feeling of holidays being over, another online quiz takes place: the #EFAQuiz. This time film lovers participate to win a trip to the European Film Awards in December. In 2019, the ceremony takes place in Berlin and eight lucky winners will have the chance to attend the awards and other activities organised on the side, such the screenings of EFA nominated films or exploring the city under a cinema perspective.

European Cinema Night

At the beginning of December, the European Cinema Night takes place around Europe. Creative Europe MEDIA organises free screenings of MEDIA-supported films to share the best European stories with citizens. Film lovers also have the chance to meet filmmakers, film critics and EU representatives to learn more about how European funds like MEDIA shape local communities and connect Europeans across countries. The 2019 edition will take place in 55 European cities, and will be held from 2 to 7 December.


In addition to the mentioned above, Create Europe MEDIA collaborates with partners in many other initiatives, such as the LUX Prize and the European Art House Cinema Day, among many other.

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