In its Communication on a Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe (DSM) of 6 May 2015, the Commission committed to assess the role of platforms. The Commission seeks the views to better understand the social and economic role of platforms, market trends, the dynamics of platform-development and the various business models underpinning platforms. The public consultation has been adapted (Question starting with "(A1)") on 9 December 2015, to take into account the Commission Communication "Towards a modern, more European copyright framework".


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The consultation on platforms covers: the social and economic role of online platforms; transparency e.g. in search results; terms of use; ratings and reviews; the use of information by platforms; the relation between platforms and their suppliers; the conditions of switching between comparable services offered by platforms; the role of online intermediaries including ways to tackle illegal content on the Internet.

This consultation also collects views on initiatives on data, the free flow of data initiative, a European Cloud initiative and the collaborative economy. The latter will be addressed both under its remit and in the forthcoming Internal Market Strategy.

Important notices:

  • Please note that only online replies will be accepted. Given the volume of this consultation, you may wish to download a PDF version before responding to the survey online. The PDF version includes all possible questions. When you fill the survey online, you will not see all of the questions; but only those applicable to your chosen respondent category.
  • This public consultation is available in all 23 official EU languages.

The consultation will run from 24 September for 12 weeks starting from the day when the questionnaire is available in all EU languages. The closing date is published on the consultation page.

The Commission invites all interested parties to express their views on the questions targeting relations between platform providers and holders of rights in digital content (Question starting with "[A1]"), taking account of the Commission Communication "Towards a modern, more European copyright framework" of 9 December 2015. Technical features of the questionnaire have been adapted accordingly.

The Commission asks responding organisations to register in the Transparency Register before they begin to answer the questions. The Commission will publish the submissions of non-registered organisations separately from those of registered ones as the input of individuals.

The answers to the consultation can be submited in all EU languages but replying in English, French or German will help the Commission process the results quicker.

The Commission will assess and summarise the results in a report that it will publish on the websites of the Directorates General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology and for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Write for any clarifications you may need.
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