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  • Broadband Europe Newsletter

    The Broadband Europe initiative provides expert support and allows to showcase and share best practices in the field of broadband technology and application. This newsletter will update you on the latest Broadband Europe developments, including current and future EU funding opportunities (e.g. #CEF2digital).

  • eHealth, Wellbeing & Ageing Newsletter

    Digital solutions for health, wellbeing and ageing are increasingly important to deliver top-quality care to European citizens. Get the latest news on policy, funding opportunities, events and European research and innovation in this field.

  • Electronics Newsletter

    Micro and Nano Electronic Systems can be found in all aspects of modern life: healthcare, telecoms, transportation, computing, energy... The electronics newsletter will keep you informed on research in this field as well as events, funding opportunities and project developments.

  • Digital Excellence & Science Infrastructure Newsletter

    FET is an incubator for new ideas and emerging communities, encouraging unconventional research into the challenges facing Europe, and large-scale research projects with visionary goals that also offer novel social solutions. The FET Newsletter informs you on activities, events, funding opportunities and projects results in this field.

  • Innovation Procurement newsletter

    Innovation procurement can deliver solutions to challenges of public interest and ICTs can play a major role in this. This newsletter will keep you updated with news, funding opportunities and events in this field.

  • The power of light - Photonics Newsletter

    Photonics is the science and technology of light. This newsletter highlights results of EU funded research, as well as funding opportunities and events.

  • eGovernment newsletter

    The eGovernment newsletter keeps you informed about issues such as EU cross-border digital public services, eParticipation, Cloud of public services, public sector innovation… in the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), Horizon2020 and ICT Policy Support programmes.

  • Future Connectivity Systems Newsletter

    The Future Connectivity Systems newsletter keeps you informed about our activities and is a channel for our projects to showcase their progress. It will also update you about our events and funding opportunities.

  • Cybersecurity and digital privacy newsletter

    The newsletter provides information about the latest policy developments and results of research and innovation EU-funded projects, announces relevant events, and alerts to new funding opportunities.

  • Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Newsletter

    This newsletter provides the latest news related to digital skills and the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

  • WiFi4EU Newsletter

    To receive information about the steps of the WiFi4EU initiative as soon as they are made public, you may subscribe to our mailing list by inserting your email address below.

  • Startup Europe Newsletter

    Get to know the latest open calls, news and events related to the startup world.

  • Smart & Sustainable Communities

    News and events related to smart living: smart cities (communities) & smart mobility; digital and sustainable transformation of European communities.

  • Digital Single Market Weekly Newsletter

    Receive every week the latest news, events, consultations, publications and funding opportunities.

  • Digital Single Market Newsletter

    Receive by email the latest news, events, consultations, publications and funding opportunities. You can also choose to receive a weekly update.

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