• About the BCO Network
    The European Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) Network is a European Commission initiative with the purpose of supporting Member States to reach the EU Digital Agenda objectives, with an emphasis on the Digital Single Market and Gigabit Society.
  • The BCO Network forum
    BCO Network forum
    Members of the European Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) Network engage in discussions and access training materials and news about upcoming Network events through the dedicated online BCO Network forum.
  • European broadband mapping
    Screenshot of the main page of the EU Broadband Mapping Portal
    The European Commission launched two major projects that examine the mapping of broadband data on a European scale: Mapping of fixed and mobile broadband services in Europe (SMART 2014/0016) and Study on Broadband and Infrastructure Mapping (SMART 2012/0022). Visit the European broadband mapping portal www.broadband-mapping.eu for the interactive mapping platform presenting the quality of internet delivered by broadband networks across Europe.
  • Broadband investment guide
    Main image Handshake Cooperation and Guidance when investing in high-speed broadband networks
    The broadband investment guide (available in 22 languages) aids municipalities and other entities in their planning of successful broadband development projects.
  • Financing the broadband project
    Financing models define how the deployment of broadband networks can be financed by public funds and private investments. Public intervention should focus on reducing the cost of investment and, where necessary, provide public funding within the policy framework of national strategies, while making sure that private investment is not displaced.
  • EU rules to reduce cost of high-speed broadband deployment
    Main image cooperation to reduce broadband network invesment costs
    The roll-out of high-speed broadband networks across the EU requires substantial investments. Civil engineering works, such as the digging-up of roads to lay down high-speed broadband, account for up to 80% of the cost of deploying high-speed networks. Limiting these works would make broadband roll-out more cost-effective.
  • Broadband strategy & policy
    EU Broadband Strategy and Policy Round Table Stakeholder Discussion
    The European Commission put forward multiple policy measures and financial instruments that encourage private and public investments in fast and ultra-fast networks. These measures will help European citizens and businesses reap the full benefits of digitalisation.