To support research into exascale computing technologies and HPC in general as part of the implementation of the European Cloud initiative. It includes the implementation of the HPC strategy in H2020 in particular through FET and ICT LEIT programmes as well as eRI including HPC centres of Excellence and the widening to industry and SMEs; To support the post-Moore strategy on quantum technologies and to set up the QT Flagship as part of the European Strategy on Quantum Technologies in cooperation with C4; The unit will be the interface to: - the European Technology Platform for HPC (ET4HPC) - PRACE as part of the eResearch Infrastructure programme - unit A3 for the development of low power components for HPC systems. This unit would have an "Exascale" sector that would include PRACE and funding and procurement arrangements for exascale systems (from demonstrators to prototypes to operational systems) in coordination with C1.

Responsible Person

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Head of Unit
Gustav Kalbe


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