To lead the exploration of future technologies that matter for our future by identifying and seizing opportunities of long-term benefit for citizens, the economy and society and by ensuring that Europe is best positioned to capitalise on related emerging industrial opportunities. To actively shape the FET policy on FET-Open, and FET proactive in full coordination with the flagship policy in C4 and with the HPC and Quantum strategy in C2. The unit will contribute to the innovation policy including in the context of the European Innovation Council (EIC) and through links to arts and humanities, based on the needs identified and on wide consultation with all relevant stakeholders. The unit will be the interface to REA implementing FET Open. The unit will ensure the coordination of the FET Work Programme and contribute to the work of the secretariat of the FET Programme Committee, in cooperation with RTD and CNECT.D1 (new D1).

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Viorel Peca


+32-2-29 57843