Open Science aims at transforming science through digital tools and networks, to make research more open, global, collaborative, creative and closer to society.

Scheme that represents the “Transformation of Science” process through a pyramid. On the top edge of the pyramid we find “Society” while on the two bottom edges we find “Innovation” and “Policy”. Inside the pyramid we find a square scheme. On the top side

Open science is about the way research is carried out, disseminated, deployed and transformed by digital tools and networks. It relies on the combined effects of technological development and cultural change towards collaboration and openness in research.

By providing unlimited, barrier free, open access to research outputs, Open science makes scientific processes more efficient, transparent and responsive to societal challenges. It offers new tools for scientific collaboration, experiments and analysis and makes scientific knowledge more easily accessible.

A European strategy for Open Science

The European Commission has launched the "European Cloud Initiative - Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe" to endorse Open science. Through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), researchers will be able for instance to process huge amounts of scientific data and share their scientific results while improving access to knowledge and thus, innovation.

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