Digital technologies - actions in response to coronavirus pandemic

Digital technologies - actions in response to Coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes. It has forced us all to find new ways of working, interacting and living. It has raised questions about how our societies are ordered, and about where we want and need to invest for the future. It has shown us our strengths and highlighted our weaknesses. It has set us new challenges, not the least of which is to try to find a cure. Digital technology is a key component of our collective effort to tackle the virus and support our new ways of living and working reality during this exceptional time.

The European Commission has been working to coordinate, complement and initiate measures to deal with every aspect of the coronavirus pandemic, and digital, media and telecoms play a vital role. Digital technologies have never been more important in our lives, and making sure Europe has the infrastructure, the connectivity and the regulations in place to respond to coronavirus and to keep people active and safe online is our mission.