Title Deadline
Algae and Climate 31/05/2021
Multiple Framework Contract for the Provision of Scientific Advice for the Mediterranean and Black Seas 12/04/2021
Boosting Competitiveness and Innovation Capacity of SMEs Through Creative Partnerships and the Use of New Technologies — Worth Partnership II (GRO/SME/20/C/05)
Internationalisation of light industries SMEs: supporting European enterprises producing textile, clothing, footwear, leather and leather goods to improve their export performance by exploiting FTAs
Capabilities for design-driven innovation in European SMEs
Economic Impact of Maritime Spatial Planning
Interinstitutional call for tenders for the provision of services in the field of communication, events and evaluation
Access to an Industry and Services database
Framework contract for the provision of scientific advice for fisheries beyond EU waters
Study on the Development of an EU Framework for Buildings' Digital Logbook
Transforming regions and cities into launch pads of digital transformation and industrial modernisation
Methodology for cost benefit analysis for the use of BIM in public tenders
Curriculum guidelines for key enabling technologies (KET) and advanced manufacturing technologies (AMT)
Monitoring of the implementation of principles of good practice in vertical relationships in the food supply chain
Areas of particular environmental interest in the Atlantic
Supporting international cluster and business network cooperation
Monitoring Digital Transformation and Key Enabling Technologies
Studies on smart grids
Framework Contract for the Studies providing scientific advice in support of the Common Fisheries Policy in EU waters, excluding the Mediterranean and Black Sea, in 2 lots
Study on new trends in globalisation in shipbuilding and marine supplies

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