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After seven years, the H2020 Energy Unit says good-bye to EASME and hello to CINEA, which will be our new home for the next programming period 2021-2027! Please read our editorial and find out what the future holds for the support of energy efficiency projects in Horizon Europe and LIFE. 

Dear sustainable energy stakeholders, 

Time passed like a flick of the switch, but the last seven years were eventful and we successfully managed to move energy efficiency forward in Europe. H2020 EE funded over 380 projects with a total budget of €783m mobilising nearly unique 2,400 stakeholders across Europe for a more energy-efficient society.
H2020 EE launched a number of new call topics and initiatives in order to address the shifting needs and barriers for the uptake of energy efficiency and to ensure that EU funding made a real impact on the ground. In particular, projects helped a lot to shape policy discussions at all governance levels and assisted in improving regulatory frameworks, but they also focussed research and innovation towards improved energy efficiency products and solutions. 

An example of the impact of H2020 EE projects and initiatives is the developments in the field of energy efficiency finance, where many funded projects have been contributing with their tools, products and market-based knowledge to focus the discussions on the real bottlenecks in diverting investments towards sustainable energy. Initiatives such as the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums have particularly facilitated dialogue on demonstrating energy efficiency as a viable investment opportunity, between a diverse range of stakeholders from public and private sectors in over 15 countries. A number of projects showcased different approaches to mitigating energy poverty through different energy efficiency solutions or have supported the development and implementation of citizen-led sustainable energy initiatives. Evolving technologies and practices for supporting an accelerated renovation rate of buildings with cost-effective and highly energy-efficient construction products and upscaling methods was the achievement of many other H2020EE projects. Another cornerstone of the EU energy efficiency policy framework is product efficiency legislation. H2020 projects have built capacity and provided support for joint market surveillance actions. This resulted in the strengthening market surveillance activities in the EU to improve levels of compliance.

The list is longer and, there are still about 300 funded projects running that will deliver great results over the coming years.  
All this work has been possible thanks to the professional and mutual collaboration between project beneficiaries and the EASME, creating a culture of support and keeping the focus on delivery and impact. 

We will continue our dedication towards a decarbonised future for Europe - and we hope together with you: Welcome to CINEA - the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency.  
The energy efficiency market-uptake activities (CSA type of projects under HORIZON 2020) will move to the new LIFE programme. A dedicated LIFE sub-programme Clean Energy Transition will aim at continuing to break market barriers and at facilitating the transition toward an energy-efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and -resilient economy by funding coordination and support actions across Europe. The first call for proposals is planned for early summer 2021. 
The energy efficiency research and innovation activities (RIA and IA type of actions under HORIZON 2020) will move to Horizon Europe’s Cluster 5 ‘Climate, Energy and Mobility’ in the Pillar 2 Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness, where we will also support the Built4People partnership between industry and the European Commission and continue with innovating energy efficiency products and methods. The first call for proposal is planned for May 2021. 

If you like to keep informed about all the upcoming calls for proposals, programme and project news in the area of sustainable energy, then stay tuned in for the CINEA Clean Energy News.
We will continue to reach out to via a dedicated newsletter and social media channel bringing you inspirations to build an energy –efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and – resilient Europe together. These revamped news channels will feed you with programme news, relevant events and stories from sustainable energy projects from H2020, Horizon Europe, LIFE Clean Energy Transition, Innovation Fund, Connecting Europe Facility Energy and the Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism. 


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