New intellectual property helpdesk service for European SMEs doing business in India

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One of the biggest concerns for European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) trading with or investing in international markets is how to protect and enforce their intellectual property (IP) outside the EU.

Aimed at helping enterprises tackle this challenge, the new India IP SME Helpdesk offers free-of-charge, first-line IP support to SMEs based in the EU or in COSME countries that are  operating in, or planning to access the Indian market. To this end, the service comprises a set of support actions including a jargon-free, tailor made and confidential Helpline service to answer individual questions on IP and related issues, as well as web-based training sessions, information materials and online resources.

While the India IP SME Helpdesk follows the well-established principles and service portfolio of the already existing regional IP Helpdesks in China, Europe, Latin America and South-East Asia, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting  constraints, the services offered by the team are currently  more focused on online activities, such as the implementation of IP webinars, the elaboration of digital resources and the participation in online matchmaking events and conferences.

For more information, visit the revamped IP Helpdesk website. Plus, you can also subscribe to the India IP SME Helpdesk’s monthly newsletter or follow the team on Twitter or LinkedIn for regular updates.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided by the India IP SME Helpdesk is not of a legal or advisory nature and no responsibility is accepted for the results of any actions made on its basis. Moreover, it cannot be considered as the official position of EASME or the European Commission. Neither EASME nor the European Commission nor any person acting on behalf of EASME or of the European Commission is responsible for the use which might be made of this information.

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