Title Deadline
Study on Open Innovation Models and Intellectual Property
Development of an EU framework to assess the overall impacts of occupational health and safety (OSH) prevention on the performance of construction enterprises
Support to the development of a maritime strategy in the western Mediterranean sub-sea basin
Study on the Legal Protection of Trade Secrets in the Context of the Data Economy
Improving Cost-Efficiency of Fisheries Research Surveys and Fish Stocks Assessments using Next-Generation Genetic Sequencing Methods
SME instrument — phase 3: access to new geographical markets — overseas trade fair participation programme
Substitution of chemical substances of potential concern (Phase II)
Extension of the services of the "European Sustainable Chemicals Support Service (ESCSS) - Phase 2"
Development of the European Food Price Indicator EASME/GRO-SME-19-C/09
Skills for smart industrial specialisation and digital transformation
Spatially structured decision support tool for mixed fisheries
Analysis of the drivers, barriers and readiness factors of EU companies for adopting advanced manufacturing products and technologies
Single service framework contract on assistance and technical support for the evaluation of LIFE proposals
Ingestion and safe-keeping of marine data
Methodology for cost benefit analysis for the use of BIM in public tenders
Inter-institutional single FWC for the provision of support for the monitoring of LIFE projects (action grants and operating grants) communication about the LIFE programme and other related activities
Awareness-raising campaign for the modernisation of Europe's industry
Boosting Competitiveness and Innovation Capacity of SMEs Through Creative Partnerships and the Use of New Technologies — Worth Partnership II (GRO/SME/20/C/05)
Study on the Development of an EU Framework for Buildings' Digital Logbook
Transforming regions and cities into launch pads of digital transformation and industrial modernisation

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