Tips for applicants and beneficiaries


Are you thinking of applying for COSME funding? Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions to see if it is for you.

Who can apply to COSME calls?

  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), as the main target of COSME, in some calls can apply directly as beneficiary
  • Intermediary organisations, that support SMEs can be beneficiaries and participate in calls

Check each call individually to see if you are among eligible beneficiaries!

Before applying, make sure that you:

  • Read thoroughly the Terms of Reference
  • Have an original project idea that can be competitive at the EU level
  • Plan well ahead when forming your consortium, by answering these questions:
  • Who will take the lead? Who has experience in previous calls?
  • Check language knowledge of your partners—communication is key
  • Who do you need to form a strong consortium? Identify the type of organisation, SME expertise, geographical balance, sectoral focus, etc
  • Enterprise Europe Network can help you in searching partners!
  • Be sure that you have trusted partners that are committed from start to finish

During the application phase:

  • Check the documents and templates;
  • Keep an eye on the deadlines: do not wait until the last minute!
  • For SMEs: do the SME check!
  • Check if there are FAQs: often they hide useful information
  • Make agreements with your consortium on:
  • Work packages, division of tasks and responsibility
  • Timeline with milestones
  • Communication & dissemination plan
  • Budget! Is your co-financing secured?


Your project is approved—congratulations! What next?

  • First, make sure all documents are completed and signed
  • Get acquainted with your project officer in EASME: he/she will be your trustful guide for your whole project journey
  • Organise a kick-off meeting
  • Review project proposal and re-confirm partner commitments, re-confirm deadlines for project input and reporting: make everyone responsible, not only the project manager

During the project implementation:

  • Secure payments when due, according to agreements
  • Keep documents, invoices for further use (report/audit)
  • Keep regular contact with partners: ask feedback
  • Problems? Do not wait too long to talk about it:
  • With your project adviser: Are the changes needed?Amendments?
  • In your consortium
  • Attend meetings and work actively during the sessions, prepare your input according to your tasks/responsibilities
  • Stick to deadlines for reporting: be realistic and transparent; collect timely all information


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