Business acceleration support and coaching services

Support to innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists under the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot goes far beyond a grant provision. The EIC offers several business acceleration services that help speed up the pace of your innovation. Here you can discover what's on offer.

Business innovation coaching

Business coaching is an important feature of the EIC pilot that singles it out compared to other innovation funding schemes. If you are an EIC beneficiary from the EIC Accelerator, FTI or Pathfinder, we offer business coaching to help you start up your business, scale up and grow. Beneficiaries can receive up to 12 days of coaching for their project. 

Coaches will help the beneficiaries to progress over the life cycle of their innovation, from idea to proof of concept, to first pilot application and finally upscaling and expansion. They will empower beneficiaries to cope with challenges such as developing their strategy and organisation, intellectual property, identifying markets and improving their ability to attract finance.

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Business acceleration services

The EIC pilot focusses on continuous improvement, networking, learning opportunities and facilitating access to business partners and investors. Being part of the programme offers you a life-long privileged access to our user-driven business acceleration services, customized to your needs. Finding the right strategic partner can be the fastest way to start up or grow your company. It will also give you more time to focus on the critical activities that make your business unique.

For the EIC Accelerator, our flagship services are Corporate Days and Investor Days, where highly innovative SMEs can take advantage of pitching and partnering opportunities with investors and corporates. For the EIC Pathfinder, scientists and entrepreneurs can validate their prototypes during dedicated Pathfinder Corporate Days.

EIC beneficiaries are also invited to be part of the online EIC Community. The overall aim of the EIC Community platform is to help innovators, entrepreneurs, SMEs and scientists to successfully establish themselves on the European and global markets, by creating a shared knowledge base and a virtual meeting place for them to connect with investors, corporates and peers and discuss potential businesses partnerships.

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How to participate

The business acceleration services are open exclusively to the beneficiaries of European Innovation Council pilot. The services are accessible both during and after the project, with no participation limit to events. All applications should be submitted through the EIC Community Platform

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Contact us through the Community contact page.

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