Supporting experimentation in innovation agencies

What can you get?

The Commission offers two types of grants. As a consortium, you can receive grants of a fixed lump sum of € 60.000 for a small-scale experimental pilot project (strand 1). For a large-scale experimental pilot project (strand 2), a grant of around € 300.000 – 500.000 should allow the specific challenges to be addressed appropriately.

Who is it for?

This action is aimed at innovation agencies defined as entities entrusted by national or regional government to develop/ or implement innovation support programmes for SMEs and start-ups.

Furthermore, beneficiaries of INNOSUP-5 may apply to this call to test the ideas described in a Design Option Paper (DOP).

What do we support?

This call for proposals supports experimentation to encourage brand new support schemes or significantly improved ones. It also incentivises innovation agencies to engage more in policy experimentation and to use the randomised control trials (RCTs) method to evaluate the impact of their schemes.

Strand 1: Grants for small-scale experimental pilot projects, which aim to investigate either a feasibility of a promising idea for a brand new SME innovation support scheme or test different options of significantly revising an existing support scheme.

Strand 2: Grants for large-scale experimental pilot projects, which aim to test on a larger scale, with RCTs, new SME innovation support schemes.

How to apply?

Proposals must be submitted electronically using the electronic submission system of the Participant Portal. Note that if you want to participate in a project proposal, your organisation needs to be registered in the Beneficiary Register of the Participant Portal and have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC).

Key dates 

Deadline: 27 March 2018 17:00:00

Second stage deadline: 13 September 2018 17:00:00


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