European SME innovation Associate - pilot

What can you get?

The grant funds 100% of the salary of an “innovation associate” for a period of one year for an SME to have access to skills knowledge.

The whole indicative budget of € 4.5 million is intended to support an indicative total number of 50-60 assignments for the cut-off of 2020.

Who is it for?

This action is aimed at innovative SMEs who can demonstrate that the skills required for a particular innovation idea are not available on the national labour market (for example because the required skills are not available or not affordable).

What do we support?

This call for proposals offers the unique opportunity to employ an innovation associate for a continuous period of one year who will be identifying the potential of the company's innovation idea with the objective and turn it into an innovation project.

The winning projects will inspire SMEs by showing that an idea can be transformed into innovation strategies and subsequent research and innovation projects, once the SMEs have access to the right skills.

How to apply?

Proposals must be submitted electronically using the electronic submission system of the Participant Portal. Note that if you want to participate in a project proposal, your organisation needs to be registered in the Beneficiary Register of the Participant Portal and have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC).

Key dates 

Deadline: 15 January 2020


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