Concerted Actions

IEE Concerted Actions assist Member States to implement EU legislation cost-effectively. They help implementing bodies in each country to share experiences with the EU Directives on Energy Performance of Buildings, Energy Efficiency (formerly Energy Services) and Renewable Energy.

National authorities meet informally to discuss and evaluate the most effective options for implementing these directives. The discussions also offer opportunities for the European Commission to work informally with Member States. The exchanges are often backed up with practical grassroots experience from IEE projects.

The Concerted Action fora combine specialist workshops with high level discussions, all allied to networking opportunities and web resources. Activities centre on sharing —and inspiring— smart solutions for the professional tools, skills and systems in all fields addressed by legislation.

The Concerted Actions also attract attention from accession countries as well as countries such as China, the USA and Brazil.

The Concerted Actions are focused on 3 areas:

Energy Performance of Buildings Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy

Useful resources

Concerted Action for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) - Executive Summary Report (2016)

Concerted Action for the Energy Efficiency Directive - Executive Summary Report (2014)
Concerted Action for the Renewable Energy Sources Directive - Executive Summary Report (2016)


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