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The successful mobile app for the buildings industry, BUILD UP Skills Advisor, has been upgraded with support from Europe’s Horizon 2020 programme. The app has been connected to new e-learning modules and now covers new professions thanks to Horizon 2020 projects BUStoB and PROF-TRAC.

BUILD UP Skills Advisor was first released in 2015, with the aim of providing construction workers with job-specific advice and short upskilling opportunities. By turning on the app notifications for specific techniques, the user automatically receives updates on the most current course offers as well as question sets based on practical real-life situations.

Thanks to the BUStoB project, new e-learning modules have been added, covering more than 70 thematic areas and including gamified exercises.

Under the PROF-TRAC project, the app has been enriched with content aimed at buildings sector professionals across Europe, such as architects and engineers. The app can be used in English, Dutch, Spanish, and versions in German, Slovakian and Hungarian are under development. In addition, trainers can now add their own courses and other material to the database supporting the app, ensuring a continuous development of content. The project team is currently working with other Horizon 2020 projects under the European BUILD UP Skills initiative to integrate new content for professionals using Building Information Modelling (BIMplement and Net-UBIEP), for building inspectors (NEWCOM) and for self-inspection protocols (TripleA-reno).
The app aims to reach 30,000 active users by 2020. Several companies have expressed interest to use the app’s training modules to improve workers’ skills. 

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To find out more about the BUILD UP Skills initiative, consult the dedicated webpage

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