Blue Economy Window call 2020: find all the material from the EMFF Info Day

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At the Blue Economy Window call Info Day, practical information on the new call was provided. The EMFF call supports the sustainable development of the blue economy SMEs across the European Union.The overall budget for the call is €20 million and organisations can get up to 70% co-funding for their projects. Any for-profit SME based in the EU (single participant or a member of a consortium) can apply. The deadline of the call is 16 February 2021.

Director General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Charlina Vitcheva together with EASME Acting Director Luisa Prista presented the Call as a real window of opportunity for novel solutions that will take us towards a more resilient and climate-neutral economy. Over 450 participants from 33 countries attended the online event. SMEs and start-ups represented the largest group – nearly half of all participants – followed by consultancies and business support organisations, NGOs and not-for-profit stakeholders, universities, academia and research agencies and public sector bodies.

The aim of the call of proposals is to: 
•    Bring to market new products, services, processes, and business models in blue economy value chains and help advance their market-readiness;
•    Develop sustainable and innovative blue economy in Europe's sea basins;
•    Facilitate their access to other financing schemes for the next stages of their activities.

Watch full keynote | Charlina VITCHEVA

Watch full keynote | Luisa PRISTA


Virtual plenary sessions were conducted detailing the scope, activities and intended impact of the grants, its eligibility and award criteria and practical tips for the application process:

Luca Marangoni, Deputy Head of Unit EASME A.3-EMFF  PDF iconIntroducing the Blue Economy Window Call for proposals  

Watch full session

Fabrice Pourceau, Call Coordinator EASME A.3-EMFF  PDF iconAll you need to know about: eligibility, award criteria and evaluation

Watch full session

Charlotte Jagot, Senior Project Adviser EASME A.3-EMFF  PDF iconTips and reminders

Watch full session

Catherine Frideres,   PDF iconDeveloping your Pitch Desk

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Blue Economy Stories offered testimonials from 3 successful grant beneficiaries namely StarFish 4.0, FleetUSV and ATOMS projects who narrated their growth journey and offered useful tips to would-be applicants:

StarFish 4.0 | Benoit Albagnac  PDF iconPresentation

Watch full session

FleetUSV | Karen May  PDF iconPresentation

Watch full session

ATOMS | Teresa Simorte Gancedo  PDF iconPresentation

Watch full session


The BlueInvest platform was also featured as an initiative offering investment readiness support, a community of interests and a potential market path for SMEs: 

Daniela Cedola, Director of BlueInvest  PDF iconInvesting in a sustainable blue future: introducing the BlueInvest Platform

Watch full session

The event gathered nearly 100 questions from participants, and a 2-hour Virtual InfoDesk offering dedicated 1:1 virtual meetings between EASME experts and would-be applicants also took place immediately after the event. EASME accommodated the high demand of questions by conducting an additional dedicated 1-hour virtual Q&A session on Thursday, 26 November as a follow-up to the event, in total 147 questions and 12 one-to-one meetings were conducted. 272 B2B meetings between stakeholders took place during the week.

Watch full InfoDesk


Answers to questions are being published on the following page: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Disclaimer: Updates of the pdf presentations may result in discrepancies with the material introduced in the video feed. In any event, the pdf contents shall prevail over the cinematic one.

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