STARFISH 4.0 – Making small-scale fisheries more sustainable

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Small-scale fisheries account for 50% of the global catch and 95% of the world’s fishers and yet, very little is known about how much is caught, which species and where. In this context, the EU has urged fisheries to adopt more sustainable practices and actively scouted for innovative ideas that aimed at modernising the fisheries control & enforcement system.

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) funded project Starfish 4.0 is currently supporting artisanal fishermen in developing new practices and adopting new technologies. More specifically, the project gives fishers to experience the use of the NEMO system – a traceability-enabling technology, providing information on who, where and when the fish was caught and how it was handled on the vessel.

This helps monitor food safety and serves as crucial decision-making tools for sustainably managing resources. The project is deployed on the field by Collecte Localisation Satelites (CLS), Advanced Planning Consulting (APC) and Entreprise de Commerce et de Représentation (ECR). 

The STARFISH project also is actively supporting the digital transformation proposed by the European Commission in its ambitious revision of the EU control system.

A press release from the Fishing daily was published recently, praising the NEMO system for supporting small-scale fisheries communities by making digital technologies more accessible.

Finally, the project has been invited to the online 2020 EMFF Info day, taking place this 24 November. The project will present to potential Blue Economy Window Call applicants, its inspiring story its vision for the future.

The project will also encourage applicants in applying by sharing tips for a successful application. 

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