We created an IoT platform to make it easy for a developer to design and deploy his IoT application.

Oh, what a journey this has been! It seems like ages ago when we started formulating the basic ideas behind the COMPOSE project, but so much has changed in the IoT landscape during this time. It almost seems like a different era. A couple of years back when I mentioned to people that I was working on IoT, the few that knew what I was talking about usually responded with some variation on the story of the refrigerator that recognizes that you’re low on milk and sends an order to your supermarket. Very funny indeed!. But now, only a couple of years later the IoT has become a reality that we can see all around us, and yes, including fridges, washing machines, and even diapers. A while ago when subscribing to IoT related news I’d get an article every couple of days, and today it’s hard to open the door due to the accumulated news articles arriving constantly.

So, a bunch of us came together to discuss the great difference between the potential within the IoT evolution and reality. The conclusion was that the difference can be mainly attributed to the difficulties piled in front of the entrepreneur who wants to develop his dream IoT application.  We set out on a journey to help that frustrated entrepreneur fulfill his dream, which might involve also creating applications which are useful for the general public, and will improve different  aspects of our lives.. That’s the essence of the COMPOSE platform. We strive to make it easy for a developer to design and deploy his IoT application. So, if for example, you’d like to write an application which will receive as input your daily schedule, and will calculate what’s the best mode of transportation, taking into consideration traffic information (car, ride sharing service, bicycle, public transportation), and as output will set your alarm clock to 45 minutes before you have to leave the house, along with the selected mode of transportation; you’ll be able to accomplish this easily with COMPOSE. Or let’s say at least relatively easily: see how COMPOSE will work in this article.

Currently we’re seeking to encourage    application developers and owners of devices - , as well as end-users of the applications to connect to the COMPOSE platform. The hope and aspiration is that once such a platform is out there and available for general use, developers will realise the potential and will bring to bear the collective innovation of the masses. The limits are very wide and flexible as to what can be done with IoT applications, and I believe we’re only scratching the internal surface and have a long way to go to fully realize the potential that is out there.

So, stay tuned to COMPOSE news, as we plan to roll out in the near future a publically accessible version of the platform which should enable developers to create their applications based on devices connected to the platform, deploy them to the platform, and have end-users enjoy.

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COMPOSE has been selected to participate in the interactive exhibition of the best and most recent Future Internet showcases and demos at the Net Futures 2015 conference. Come visit our stand!