professional headshot of Loubna Bouarfa, member of Artificial Intelligence high level group
Machine learning expert

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Loubna Bouarfa is a machine learning expert with a deep expertise in implementing and commercialising AI systems for regulated environments such as healthcare, foster care and finance. Loubna obtained a PhD from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in 2012 and has held an academic position at Imperial College’s Hamlyn Centre until 2014. She then worked for numerous companies in the AI and health space. In her professional career Loubna has used her academic knowledge to launch machine learning platforms to uplift human outcomes in the health and medicine space. She achieves this by combining in depth expertise in machine learning, an excellent understanding of the industry potential and knowledge of the real world data constraints. As High-level Expert on Artificial Intelligence at the European Commission, Loubna’s main objective is to implement regulations and policies that allow for effective development and production of AI systems to effectively impact health, safety and freedom of the wider society.