With Soft-Landing Missions, startups and scaleups have the chance to dive into a one week experience in a foreign ecosystem to help them grow their business internationally. In the EU ecosystems, startups can extend their stay for up to one month and benefit from soft-landing and scaling support. Berlin, Paris, Vilnius, Zoetermeer and Boston: these are the European destinations of the upcoming Soft-Landing Missions. Collaborate with a new startup ecosystem and learn how to scale-up abroad.

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What is in it for you?

  • Get access and connect with the destination ecosystem network
  • Gain knowledge of the ecosystem's establishment conditions, incentives, tax and legislation
  • Receive hands-on support from local mentors
  • Participate in local events and conferences

Last year, over 200 startups and ecosystem builders discovered a new startup market with multiple new connections; and 1 in 2 startups expanded internationally or adjusted their scaling strategies.   

1. Are you a Startup/Scaleup in Europe? Soft-Landing supports you in the discovery of new ecosystems, their particularities and business support through a 1-week Mission at a destination ecosystem and up to one month soft-landing support.
Select your destination and apply online.

2. Are you an Ecosystem Builder (mentor, incubator/accelerator representative, investor)? Soft-Landing gives you the opportunity to dive in an intensive 3-5 day Mission in another startup ecosystem, to explore it and meet with other key leaders, establishing long-lasting connections. Select your destination and apply online.

How does it work

  • Go to the website and choose your destination and apply on F6S
  • Get selected among a group of high profile startups
  • Participate on a 1-week Mission to one of our destination ecosystems
  • Share the insights learned with your local community and be ready to scale to a new market

What are the costs?

Participation in the programme is free of charge thanks to Startup Europe. In addition, startups/scaleups joining the Soft-Landing Missions are entitled to have their travel and accommodation expenses reimbursed up to 400 EUR.

Applications are open on F6S and deadlines are different according to the open call. Select your destination ecosystem and apply now! 

More information can be found on the website of the European Project Soft-Landing.